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Retail Infrastructure Challenges

The increased demand for digital activity in retail environments causes strain on IT infrastructure.

Watch as John Dynan, Business Development Director at Vertiv, dives into core challenges that retail IT teams face and offers a few examples on how to tackle them.

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Retail Edge Solutions

Products to Support Your Growing Retail Network

The IT infrastructure of retailers, including stores, fulfillment centers, office spaces, and data centers must be built to support the variety of new technology implementations in retail today. From e-commerce and buy online, pick up in-store to artificial intelligence (AI) and interactive signage, the challenge is clear. IT leaders must meet the growing demand for always-on connectivity while managing security and costs, and do it with fewer resources and tightening budgets.

Vertiv can help you implement the right power, cooling, and IT management technology to tackle your toughest challenges.


Stay Connected

Explore Vertiv's point-of-sale (POS) and desktop solutions for ensuring reliable and secure connectivity during checkout or for keeping your security and emergency systems running.


Fortify Your IT Infrastructure

Modernize your legacy IT infrastructure with Vertiv power, cooling, and monitoring solutions to protect the network and customer data and avoid system downtime.

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Manage Your Network

Vertiv’s IT management solutions help improve secure access, control and network management. Access devices in the same store, at fulfillment locations, or across a headquarter campus.

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Expand IT Capacity

Whether at the edge or within an on-premise data center, quickly deploy a fully configured IT infrastructure to support dedicated applications including e-commerce, fulfillment, or AI systems.


Hear Why We Think Retail Teams Should Earn an Award for Making It Through 2020

Hear Vertiv experts introduce technologies for enabling remote monitoring of distributed infrastructure in retail.

  • The amazing in-store and distribution technology innovations from 2020

  • How these innovations led to growth for the companies who implemented them

  • Best practices on rolling out these initiatives without straining your edge and IT Infrastructure

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