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Working with our Vertiv Sales team enables complex designs to be configured to your unique needs. If you are an organization seeking technical guidance on a large project, Vertiv can provide the support you require.

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Many customers work with a Vertiv reseller partner to buy Vertiv products for their IT applications. Partners have extensive training and experience, and are uniquely positioned to specify, sell and support entire IT and infrastructure solutions with Vertiv products.

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Already know what you need? Want the convenience of online purchase and shipping? Certain categories of Vertiv products can be purchased through an online reseller.

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The page you're viewing is for English (EMEA) region.

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Core Data Center



Sharpen Your Edge with Vertiv Infrastructure

Your business is looking to IT to support new edge applications and migrate computing and storage closer to customers, associates and devices. But you can’t do it alone.


As the Architects of Continuity, Vertiv delivers a broad portfolio of intelligent infrastructure systems, software and services that address the reliability, scalability and management challenges you face as you edge evolves. No matter what your challenge, Vertiv has the solution.

Remote Access & Control

Learn how you can reduce downtime and improve your data center security, by using the remote access and control provided by Avocent

Vertiv™ Avocent® Serial Consoles

Vertiv™ Avocent® KVM over IP

Vertiv™ Avocent® HMX High Performance KVM

Vertiv™ Avocent® LCD Local Rack Access Console

Vertiv™ Avocent® Cybex Secure KVM

Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX Ecosystem

Racks & Enclosures

Get flexible and cost-effective rack and containment products and secure integral systems in your data center.

Vertiv™ VR Rack

Rack Cooling

The foundation of data center airflow management is the Hot Aisle-Cold Aisle design, where cabinets are placed in alternating rows, with IT air intakes (cold aisles) and IT air exhausts (hot aisles) each facing one another. This configuration allows data center operators to focus cooling airflow only where it’s needed— the IT air intakes—and to avoid unnecessary cost and inefficiencies from conditioning the entire whitespace.

Vertiv™ Geist™ SwitchAir

Vertiv™ CRV Row Based Cooling Up To 60 kw

Vertiv™ VRC Rack Based Cooling Up To 3500W

Remote Monitoring

Whether we're talking about battery monitoring, leak detection systems, temperature monitoring, sensor-level monitoring for harsh industrial environments, or complex data centre monitoring systems, we can all agree that this is an essential part of future-proofing and safe-guarding a critical facility

Vertiv™ Life™ Services

Vertiv™ Power Insight

Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert

Rack Power Distribution

Vertiv’s line of rack PDUs meets the varying power distribution requirements of IT and environmental applications.​

Vertiv™ Geist™ rPDU

Vertiv™ Geist™ UPDU

Vertiv™ Geist™ Launches RCM-B

Remote Access & Control Racks & Enclosures Rack Cooling Remote Monitoring Single Phase UPS Rack Power Distribution

Bring Your Edge to Life

You can scale your edge in days, with a micro data center solution that simplifies the deployment and management of your edge IT, thanks to the pre-assembled and factory-tested power distribution, high-precision cooling, and smart monitoring. In short, with the Vertiv™ VRC-S.

What if we told that you can interact with the Vertiv VRC-S on-site or in your living room? That you can closely look at every sub-system and how they all work together to deliver unmatched performance for your network edge? Or that you can see the invisible functionalities that make it the best micro data center out there?

Bring the Vertiv VRC-S to life though the augmented reality capabilities of Vertiv™ XR, available on Google Play & App Store.

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World-Class Comprehensive Portfolio

A portfolio that gives partners access to one of the largest incremental opportunities in IT.


The critical systems that sustain your business operations can't go down. Vertiv supports you in improving your uptime with a full range of innovative uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and future-proof, integrated UPS systems, that will cover the backup power needs of your IT infrastructure, from small computer rooms at the network edge to enterprise and hyperscale data centers. This wide range of power capacities will bring you not only greater margins but also significant upselling opportunities.

Highlighted Solutions

Vertiv™ Edge Lithium-Ion UPS, 1500-3000VA

The Vertiv Edge Lithium-Ion line interactive UPS provides both power conditioning and battery backup to critical IT equipment such as servers and network gear ensuring your business-critical applications are protected in the event of an unanticipated loss of power or an unprecedented power surge.

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Vertiv™ Edge UPS

Vertiv™ Edge is a family of highly reliable, efficient, manageable and flexible line interactive sinewave UPSs, with models ranging from 500VA to 3000VA in 1U, 2U, 3U, mini-tower, rack tower and rack-mount form factors (depending on model).

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Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT5 UPS

Liebert® GXT5 UPS is an online double conversion UPS solution which offers premium power outage protection and continuous power conditioning in a compact and flexible deployment system.

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Liebert® ITA2 UPS, 10-20 kVA

Featuring true online double conversion technology, unity power factor and an extremely compact rack-tower design, Liebert® ITA2 is the perfect power protection solution for your computer rooms, storage and network equipment.

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Liebert® EXS UPS, 10-80 kVA

Liebert® EXS combines compact design and improved performances. It is able to provide the utmost active power possible in a compact footprint.

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IT Management

Across a Room, Across the Universe. No matter where your customers are located, the Vertiv Avocent keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) switches and serial consoles provide easy, single-point access to valuable system data.

Highlighted Solutions

Vertiv™ Avocent® ACS 8000 Serial Consoles

The Avocent® ACS 8000 serial consoles deliver secure in-band and out-of-band visibility and control to downstream equipment in enterprise data centers, as well as cloud and colocation facilities.

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Vertiv™ Avocent® HMX 6500R

The Avocent® HMX 6500R high performance KVM system receiver delivers KVM and virtual machine access without requiring additional hardware or compromise on KVM functionality.

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Vertiv Avocent KVM-over-IP Switches (AutoView / MergePoint Unity)

The Avocent MergePoint Unity Digital KVM Switch includes both KVM-over-IP and serial console management technology. Centralize the management of the switches with DSView 4 Management software.

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Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX Ecosystem

The Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX Ecosystem is built upon a secure common architecture which seamlessly integrate and scale to create an open yet resilient IT management platform – from Enterprise to Edge configurations.

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Racks and Enclosures

While large scale IT operations such as colocation facilities and cloud installations may have different rack requirements than edge of network or enterprise applications, the rack enclosure is still the backbone of the information technology infrastructure.

Rack systems are strategic assets that play a key role in system uptime and data center availability and reliability. They are designed for flexibility and ease of cable routing that contributes to time efficiency and productivity increases.

Highlighted Solutions

Vertiv™ VR Rack

Platform with 42U and 48U models offering zero-touch provisioning, tool-less mounting options and compatibility with all 19-inch rack-mount IT appliances.

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Rack Power Distribution Units (rPDU)

Power perfectly configured for your customer's IT application. Ensuring data center availability and business continuity requires that the last link in the power chain, the rPDU, operates as intended to support dynamic operations in the areas of power, cooling, monitoring, and overall data center infrastructure management (DCIM). Plus, we offer more than 5,000 variations available for delivery in days.

Highlighted Solutions

Models now available with 24-7 (C13/C19) receptacles for infinite configurations.

Universal Rack PDU (UPDU)

The UPDU is the most versatile and robust rPDU on the market with a universal power input and pivoting connector that can mate to any geographically specific facility side cable (FSC), simplifying management and enabling rapid IT infrastructure deployments.

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Intelligent rPDUs

Vertiv offers a wide range of monitored and switched rPDUs equipped with a network interface to allow for remote monitoring, management, and automated alerts.

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Custom rPDUs

Engineered to order, factory-configured, or a new rPDU design can meet unique end-user requirements.

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Service & Software

Whether we're talking about battery monitoring, leak detection systems, temperature monitoring, sensor-level monitoring for harsh industrial environments, or complex data center monitoring systems, we can all agree that this is an essential part of future-proofing and safe-guarding a critical facility from threats that range from faulty equipment and environmental conditions to cyber intrusions. That is why we are investing heavily in a continuous learning process to not only detect, but also predict causes of downtime keeping your customer's assets safe against threats.

Highlighted Solutions

Power Assurance Package

Managing your small, remote, or dispersed mission-critical IT sites is a major challenge. While outages are not an option, neither is sacrificing your busy IT staff to set up and maintain UPS systems. Vertiv’s Power Assurance Package delivers convenient and cost-effective support for power delivery to your small IT sites.

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Distribution Assurance Package

Even when your IT staff is working at capacity, there’s no need to leave business-critical power unmanaged. By combining leading rack PDU technology, expert service and support, and a five-year protection plan, you’ll know your data center has the power it needs to support business-critical applications.

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Vertiv Life Services

Vertiv™ Life™ Services provides continuous insight into critical equipment operation to improve performance, streamline service processes for faster issue resolution, and add deep expertise of both equipment and service to any organisation without overhead. It connects critical systems with Vertiv engineers who continuously monitor and analyse real-time operating data to identify trends, predict behaviours, and respond immediately to out-of-norm conditions; by resolving issues remotely, or dispatching a field engineer within minutes.

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Vertiv Environet Alert

Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert provides industry companies with critical facility monitoring software that is affordable and easy to use. This solution delivers superior monitoring, alerting, trending and data organization capabilities for companies in such verticals as healthcare, financial services, government and more, helping them protect and grow their business. Customers get monitoring, alerting and trending at a price that’s right for their business.

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Vertiv Power Insight

Vertiv™ Power Insight helps improve efficiency, protect valuable critical equipment and increases visibility of your UPSs and rPDUs. It is a web-based software designed for users with a distributed infrastructure who need a way to manage multiple devices. The software is free download from the official website of Vertiv. Simple to install, easy to use application that provides a single interface for up to 100 UPSs and rPDUs. Seamless integration with the VMware vCenter Management Platform for single-pane-of glass monitoring and control of host and virtual machines (VMs), including VM shutdown and migration (vMotion) and the VMware badge.

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Get efficient and reliable heat management and humidity control solutions geared to your specific size, location, and business goals. Your customers' mission-critical facilities need the very best in precision cooling, and we deliver with the industry’s most advanced equipment and controls, low operating costs and unparalleled expertise.

Highlighted Solutions

Vertiv™ VRC IT Rack Cooling Unit

Designed to satisfy cooling requirements for small server room, network closet, and edge applications up to 3500 watts per cabinet, the Vertiv™ VRC IT rack cooling unit packs powerful, scalable and energy-efficient cooling into a compact unit.

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Liebert CRV, Row-based Cooling Unit

A self-contained data center cooling unit that is ideally suited and designed for cooling server rack cabinets in small and medium data centers.

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Vertiv™ Geist™ SwitchAir

The Vertiv™ Geist™ SwitchAir is a simple and effective rackmount device that creates a path for cool air to flow from the front of the rack to a switch or router’s air intake. Available in active (integrated fan) or passive models, the Geist SwitchAir is easy to install and works within the same rack space as the device it is supporting.

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Vertiv™ VRC-S Edge-Ready Micro Data Center System

Vertiv™ VRC-S is a micro data center solution fully industry-standard assembled at the factory and designed specifically for IT edge applications. Available in various configurations, the Vertiv VRC-S is delivered in days and installed in hours.

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To supplement your sale and provide extra protection for your customers, we offer a variety of service offerings for our mission-critical equipment. Response time is an not an issue with our network of over 660 service techs in 70+ service centers across EMEA.

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The simplicity of installation and operation played an important role in selecting the equipment. Vertiv solutions have proven to be reliable in all joint projects. An additional advantage was the availability of the required number of UPS in the warehouses of distributors – expedited delivery was crucial.

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