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The page you're viewing is for English (EMEA) region.


Together, we're building a world where all critical technologies work. Vertiv is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and servicing mission critical infrastructure technologies for critical power and thermal management systems.

Sales Talent Graduate Program

Our Sales Talent Graduate Program is a 1-year program to accelerate your transition from a fresh graduate into the business world and to kick-start your career in Sales.

At Vertiv, we will provide you with the opportunity to experience and learn, to prove yourself and to develop. You will be granted real responsibilities and the chance to have an impact from day one.

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Program Success Stories

Marco Givonetti - building critical systems at Vertiv, after the Sales Talent Graduate Program
Marco Givonetti
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The Sales Talent Graduate Program is the perfect career-enhancer that provides the proper competencies and skills for becoming the future leader in a top tier international company like Vertiv.

I had the chance to experience different approaches and visions through a specific rotational program related to technical sales and to develop the basis for a successful and long-lasting career.

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Inigo Arangurem Miranda - empowering the digital world we live in, with Vertiv
Inigo Aranguren Miranda
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The best thing about the program is being part of different fields of work, meet people from different countries and also being involved in organizing meetings and learns, which give you an insight into what others in the company do.

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Lucia Bandolin - the people behind the vital applications today, with us at Vertiv
Lucia Bandolin
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When i started this Graduate Program I was like a seed with little roots created during the university studies.

Vertiv has started watering me constantly and has allowed my roots to grab the land and grow with confidence in a rich environment. I hope to keep on growing higher and higher fed by the knowledge and the passion of this company. Thank you for this opportunity.

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Piotr Dominski - sales talent graduate at Vertiv, making the digital world possible
Piotr Dominski
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What fascinated me the most during my traineeship was the feeling that I was seen as one of the co-workers - and the freedom to carry out the tasks entrusted to me, the real responsibility, the feeling that what you are working on is important and has impact on the company.

Sales Talent Graduate Program is not only a job it's a chance to meet wonderful people, the possibility to travel around the world and a wide training package. Be brave, dream big and join Vertiv!

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At Vertiv, we are a company engineered to deliver solutions for critical technologies. And those solutions often come from having a variety of viewpoints and perspectives at the table. So it should come as no surprise that there's a spirit of inclusion found in everything we do. Having a wider range of experiences to draw from doesn't just make us a diverse company. It makes us a better company.

Vertiv works hard to create a global workplace that supports and promotes diversity, embraces inclusion and cultivates respect for the individual. We believe that bringing together bright, enthusiastic, and talented people from various backgrounds promotes the birth of new ideas and an exciting energy level.

We seek to create an employer of choice environment in terms of promotions, transfers, compensation, benefits, career mentoring, company-sponsored training, tuition assistance and social and recreational programs for our employees.

Vertiv's Equal Employment Opportunity policy ensures that there will be no discrimination or harassment against an employee or applicant on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, national origin, veteran status or any other factor considered unlawful by applicable laws and regulations.

Publishing the Gender Pay Gap data is an opportunity to foster deeper understanding among our teams around the Gender Pay Gap and an opportunity to show how the Business moves forward on equality issues.

UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Programs to Help You Succeed

  • At Vertiv, we strive to create the perfect environment for you to build on your talents.
  • Our competency-based talent management system will help you to realize your full potential. We integrate learning and development programs, which are internally designed and realized at our Academy, with opportunities to learn and grow by taking on new projects or roles.
  • In the dynamic and demanding business environment in which we operate, we believe in learning programs being part of a long-term strategy. We offer a wide range of technical training programs for you to excel as a specialist in your field as well as a complete set of personal development opportunities.

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