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Vertiv™ Edge UPS

The Vertiv™ Edge UPS: Best-in-class battery backup and power protection for server, networking and Edge applications.

Why not choose the most enhanced power protection for your IT Edge applications whilst saving energy? With the new line-interactive Vertiv™ Edge UPS there is no trade-off. Available as rack-mountable or monolithic, this highly-efficient and compact unit has the super-powers to protect your IT loads and your budget.

Sharpen Their Edge with Vertiv Infrastructure


Your customer’s businesses are looking to IT to support new edge applications and migrate computing and storage closer to customers, associates and devices. But they can’t do it alone.


As the Architects of Continuity, Vertiv delivers a broad portfolio of intelligent infrastructure systems, software and services that address the reliability, scalability and management challenges your customers face as their edge evolves. No matter what their challenge is, Vertiv has the solution.


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Remote Access & Control

Reduce downtime and improve datacentre security with our Avocent portfolio for remote access and control.

Avocent Serial Consoles

Avocent KVM over IP

Avocent HMX High Performance KVM

Avocent LCD Local Rack Access Console

Avocent Cybex Secure KVM

Racks & Enclosures

Get flexible and cost-effective rack and containment products and secure integral systems in your datacentre.

Vertiv VR Rack

Vertiv™ Knürr® MIR2

Vertiv™ Knürr® DCM

Thermal Management

Deliver efficient and reliable heat management and humidity control solutions geared to your customers specific size, location and business goals.

Vertiv Geist SwitchAir

Room Cooling

Vertiv VRC Split Rack Cooling

Vertiv VRC Self-Contained Rack Cooling

Remote Monitoring

Our portfolio of monitoring solutions delivers simple-to-use remote visibility to ensure your customers datacentres can run efficiently.

Vertiv™ Environet

Trellis™ Power Insight

Single Phase UPS

Intelligent and efficient UPS for protection of your customers mission-critical applications.

Vertiv Liebert GXT5

Vertiv Edge UPS

Rack Power Distribution

Vertiv’s line of rack PDUs meets the varying power distribution requirements of IT and environmental applications.

Vertiv Geist Monitored Rack PDU

Vertiv Geist Switched Rack PDU

Vertiv Geist Universal PDU (UPDU)


Whether it's engineering, on-site project management, energy-consumption monitoring, or something else, Vertiv offers a wide range of programs and services to support critical infrastructure needs.

Startup Services


Power Assurance

LIFE Services

Racks & Enclosures  



Vertiv™ Edge is a family of highly reliable, efficient, manageable and flexible line interactive sinewave UPSs, with models ranging from 500VA to 3000VA in 1U, 2U, 3U, mini-tower, rack tower and rack-mount form factors (depending on model). With a high 0.9 power factor, controllable outlets and extended runtime options, Vertiv Edge is a cost-effective choice for protecting server and networking equipment in distributed and Edge IT applications.

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  • Benefits Highly efficient: maximize power to IT loads, realize lifetime energy savings
  • Wide range of form factors and flexible installation options
  • Advanced battery protection and runtime optimization features
  • Hot-swappable internal batteries – less downtime
  • Withstands higher operating temperatures
  • Low noise
  • Remote monitoring and management capabilities
  • Reliable and powerful: 0.9 output power factor, ensuring more active power to protect larger loads
  • Up to 6 auto-discoverable extended run battery cabinets for longer runtime
  • Highly efficient: up to 98% in normal operation mode, providing energy and cost savings
  • Up to 10 power outlets, with 3 controllable in a group for optimum battery usage
  • Color graphic LCD display
  • Advanced AVR design for a more stable output voltage regulation
  • Standard 2-year warranty for both electronics and batteries

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