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Considerations for Selecting a Colocation Provider

Two-part series by Sean P. Brady, Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield, on the cost considerations in selecting colo providers. Potential users need to do their “homework” including having the IT consultant and the IT staff evaluate how to consolidate the number of current cabinets for space savings and higher densities.


Edge, Liquid Cooling and Professional Services Growing in Colocation

Flexential's Cloud Chief Jason Carolan shares his perspective on changes in the colocation industry.


Overcoming Barriers to Liquid Cooling in Data Centers

Chasing density is giving rise to liquid cooling inside data centers that deploy servers filled with GPUs and other types of accelerator processors. But barriers will have to be overcome as liquid cooling grows.

More Data Centers for Smart Cities

The street light may not look like technology. But many technologists believe the humble street light will illuminate the future of smart cities. These new smart street lights come equipped with energy-efficient LED bulbs, which last longer and use less power than traditional street lights. But there’s more: these light poles can also include built-in wireless connectivity (Bluetooth and wifi), high-definition digital cameras, and sensors to monitor weather and air quality.


5G for Colos to Bring Focus on Edge, Tiered Services, New SLAs

Jonathan Lewis, vice president at for NS1, talks about what's ahead for CDNs, service providers and colos under 5G.


What's Driving Companies to Liquid Cooling?

Liquid cooling can yield energy savings, but the desire for higher power density is the main driver for liquid cooling.

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