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Liebert DSE Packaged Free-Cooling Solution, 60kW

Reduce costs and increase economization hours with the highly efficient Liebert DSE Packaged Free-Cooling Solution. The Liebert DSE is the world’s most widely deployed pumped refrigerant economization system for data centers, with over 6,000 installations.

Key Benefits
High efficiency, with PUEs under 1.20
Low total cost of ownership
Maximum economization hours across the widest temperature range
Elimination of outside air contamination
Optimized controls and onboard BMS connectivity

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Best Suited For:
  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Telecom
Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty Against Defects in Material and Workmanship

The Liebert DSE Outdoor Packaged Solution provides high efficiency, water-free economization, maximum reliability, low peak power, low maintenance and rapid scalability – all in a small-footprint package. Its pumped refrigerant economizer captures the most economization hours across the widest range of temperatures, compared to other similar systems. The package integrates all cooling system components in a small-footprint. It ships as a single, pre-charged, and factory-tested unit for fast and easy deployment.

Model Specifications Overview
Liebert DSE Packaged Freecooling System, 60kW, Perimeter
7,200 CFM, 12,233 CMH  


Highly Flexible. The system is available as a single unit for perimeter locations, integrating all key cooling components for fast deployment. Its pumped refrigerant platform separates outside air from data center air to eliminate cross-contamination or humidity transfer. 
Finely Tuned Controls. The system’s industry-leading Liebert iCOM controls capture every available economization hour, with smooth, automated transitions. Advanced protection routines keep the system operating safely within thresholds. Automatic, multi-unit teamwork modes harmonize thermal management across the data center. Optimization routines reduce energy usage. Onboard protocols make integration with building management systems easy.
Minimal Air Leakage. The solution operates at less than 0.5% leakage at normal operating pressures with no volumetric displacement commonly associated with heat wheels. 
Easy Servicing. The Liebert DSE has fewer moving parts than other economizer systems, reducing the likelihood of component downtime and maintenance. EconoPhase and condenser components can be serviced from the end of the unit, and evaporator components can be serviced via side entry, allowing units to be placed closely together. 


High Energy Efficiency
Refrigerant economizer pumps take over for compressors during cooler hours, using one-tenth the power
Operational PUE under 1.2Highly efficient at low load or part load conditions
Advanced Liebert iCOM controls optimize individual component operations for higher efficiency
Even in full compressor mode, the unit is more efficient than heat wheels and other DX systems
Built-in optimized control and monitoring 
Advanced algorithms and protection routines keep units operating within safe thresholds
Automated and smooth economizer transitions
Multi-unit teamwork mode eliminates unit fighting and increases efficiency
Lead/lag settings allow easy standby unit startup
Onboard protocols simplify integration with building management systems
Easy Servicing, Reduced Maintenance  
EconoPhase and condenser components can be serviced from the end of the unit, and evaporator components can be accessed via side entry, allowing units to be placed closely together 
Liebert economization pumps are virtually maintenance free
No dampers to service or outside air filters to replace
Only standard DX servicing required; no special maintenance needed  
Reduced Air Leakage 
Less than 0.5% air leakage, reducing need for extra capacity for makeup air
No volumetric displacement
 Easy Fit Up to Building
Perimeter configuration 

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Liebert DSE Free-Cooling Economization System

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