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Hot aisle/cold aisle configuration separates hot and cold air streams to improve data center infrastructure efficiency. A physical barrier - containment - optimizes this configuration for better cooling operation and higher efficiency.

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Warranty: This Vertiv product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of product shipment. If any part or portion of the Vertiv product fails to conform to this Warranty within the Warranty period, Vertiv, at its option, will furnish new or factory remanufactured components for replacement of that part or portion, or Vertiv may furnish User with a replacement product. Vertiv will not assume labor or shipping charges to replace the Vertiv product or any part or portion thereof.
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Aisle Containment Systems from Vertiv optimize the efficiency, design and operation of your data center infrastructure. Row-based containment solutions support both standard and non-uniform hot/cold aisle applications.


Flexibility Configurations to fit uniform and non-uniform aisles.
Retrofit to existing aisle configurations.
Variable standard components are interchangeable to create custom solutions.
Optimize cooling efficiency by up to 30% Increase space efficiency and availability capacity.
Easy to retrofit to existing hot/cold aisle configuration.
Suitable for raised or non-raised floors.


Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Increase of 30+% cooling efficiency Utilize existing cooling system.
 Payback within a few months to less than two years Low initial investment.
Compatible with Vertiv racks, and racks by other manufacturers.
 Variable standard components interchangeable to create custom solutions.
25+% increase in available cooling capacity by implementing aisle containment.
Interoperable with SmartAisle solutions for greater infrastructure visibility. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the SmartAisle be used on raised floor applications?
Which SmartAisle configuration accommodates non-uniform rows and rack heights?
The Vertical system.
Are SmartAisle configurations compatible with Vertiv DCE and DCF racks?
What about racks by other manufacturers?
Yes it is compatable
Total Cost of Ownership / Payback?
Payback within a few months to less than two years.

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