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The Financial IT Edge

May 16, 2022

Solution Highlight

Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX Platform

Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX Platform provides a family of products to simplify IT management, automation and provisioning for compute, network, storage, and physical Infrastructure from enterprise to edge.

  • Gain secure remote access to your next-generation ATMs with no on-site visit required
  • Save costs by re-imaging ATMs remotely
  • Improve mean time to recovery by remotely troubleshooting bank branches and ATMs
  • Enable remote workers to expand and upgrade as your business demands increase
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The Vertiv Advantage

Vertiv micro data centers provide an all-in-one solution combining power, cooling, monitoring, and racks that are built for unique expectations and constraints. Vertiv delivers a broad portfolio of intelligent infrastructure systems, software, and services that address the reliability, scalability, and management challenges you face as your edge evolves. No matter what your challenge, Vertiv has the solution.

Featured Products

Vertiv™ SmartCabinet™ ID

Enables critical IT equipment deployed in demanding environments with highly efficient space-saving cooling, full rack utilization, and IP54 environmental protection.

Vertiv™ SmartRow™ 2

A complete Edge data center pre-engineered by Vertiv for lightning-fast deployment. Each system includes rack enclosures, in-row cooling with complete containment, UPS battery backup, power distribution, and cable management.

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Micro Data Center Demo

Look inside the Vertiv™ VRC-S edge-ready micro data center

  • Learn how this integrated solution ensures power continuity and visibility

  • See the innovative cooling module that protects IT equipment from overheating

  • Discover how the system supports remote access to distributed IT assets

  • Available on the Vertiv™ XR app for Android and IOS!

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Infrastructure Challenges in Financial Services

Meeting changing customer expectations increasingly relies on edge computing sites that enable local data processing and support AI, blockchain, 5G, and other emerging technologies. As edge technologies evolve, so too do the demands on critical infrastructure across the network.

Maintaining Network Availability

Your core data center relies on highly engineered mission-critical infrastructure capable of delivering the highest level of availability. As financial services become more edge-dependent, replicating core data center availability at the edge becomes essential. Legacy infrastructure often isn’t up to the task.

Managing IT Growth

Managing growth at the edge can strain in-house resources. Integrating the power, cooling and monitoring technologies required to support edge computing is time-consuming and can delay the rollout of new technologies. More efficient deployment methods are required to keep pace with changing market requirements.



Supporting Remote Technology

Edge computing often operates in locations where on-site technical resources are limited. Remote monitoring and access solutions provide IT specialists with the visibility and control they need to identify problems before they occur and resolve issues remotely.

Virtual reality configuration

Discover the Vertiv™ XR Virtual Reality App

  • Visualize a Vertiv™ integrated system in your environment

  • Configure the system with the components you need

  • Ensure operational efficiency and remote access

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Infrastructure Solutions for the Financial Edge

Vertiv™ Products to Help you Fortify, Expand and Manage Your IT Edge

The IT infrastructure deployed by financial services organizations—from the data center to the ATM—must deliver high reliability to minimize downtime and maintain high levels of customer trust.

Financial institutions have long relied on Vertiv for data center infrastructure and are now turning to Vertiv to help them fortify, manage and expand the network edge.

Products to Support IT in Financial Services

Stay Connected

When it comes to protecting the remote servers and communications equipment, local staff and customers rely on, Vertiv has you covered with a full range of desktop and rackmount UPS systems and rPDUs.

Fortify Your IT Infrastructure

Expanding Capacity and Improving Reliability

With new demands being placed on IT equipment, legacy infrastructure may not be able to deliver the capacity or reliability required. Vertiv offers a full range of power, cooling and monitoring solutions that deliver power continuity and environmental control.

Enhancing Security

Vertiv infrastructure solutions can give you the visibility and control to enhance data and infrastructure security.

Manage Your Network

Vertiv’s IT management solutions support secure access and control of IT and infrastructure systems for improved network management. Across devices in the same location or the entire network, Vertiv solutions streamline management, reduce downtime, and improve performance.

Expand Your Network

Managing IT growth at the edge can put a strain on internal resources if infrastructure has to be configured and integrated on site for each deployment. Vertiv™ integrated solutions provide standardized, plug-and-play solutions to IT growth that allow you to deploy faster while reducing the demands on technical staff.

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