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The Forno Bonomi Bakery, a true historical landmark in Verona since the mid-1800s, was the first company to produce sponge fingers on a global scale. Nestled in greenery, the Forno Bonomi plant is located at the edge of the Lessinia Nature Park (in Roverè Veronese) and covers an area of approx. 65,000 square meters with a workforce of a stable number of 170 employees.


Forno Bonomi produces 90 tons of finished product daily day using a totally automated production cycle, from the storage of raw materials, the dosage of mixtures to packaging, boxing and palletizing. It has therefore always tried to operate energy-efficient production facilities, while having to manage constant micro interruptions on the automated manufacturing lines, which have caused some critical issues in the past. The company uses intensive warehousing operations 24/7, 6 days a week, with machines 3 meters high which, if halted for a very short time, can disrupt production or lead to production downtime and product wastage. The company therefore turned to Vertiv technologies to guarantee its operational continuity.


  • Effective and reliable protection from potential interruptions or fluctuations in the power supply.
  • Greater availability of the supply, power and energy efficiency
 Case Summary

Roverè Veronese (Verona), Italy


Guarantee and safeguard a constant electrical power supply to ensure production continuity to the plant.

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