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Współpraca z przedstawicielem Vertiv umożliwia dostosowanie złożonych projektów do indywidualnych potrzeb. Jeśli reprezentujesz organizację, która poszukuje wskazówek technicznych dotyczących dużego projektu, Vertiv zapewni Ci potrzebne wsparcie.

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The page you're viewing is for Polish (EMEA) region.

Vertiv Supporting E-Governance

As countries all over prepare their city to become 'smarter', they need a highly reliable, agile IT backbone that would allow them to deliver the best and most efficient services to their customers.

What is happening?


Growing Criticality of Smart Cities

  • Smart cities is fast becoming one of the world’s most critical industries as more nations invest in technologies to improve the delivery of government services.
  • IDC estimates that spending for smart city technologies will grow to $135 billion in 2021.
  • Technology disruptions will impact transportation, law enforcement, and public safety, among others.


The Rise of the No-Collar Workforce

  • As technology adoption of big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) matures, governments will turn to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics in their technology initiatives.
  • These trends will enable the no-collar workforce - the increased use of cognitive assets, bots to support the existing workforce.


Security is

  • With increasing reliance on IT, spotlight will now turn to ensuring the integrity and security of personal data that’s being collected.
  • Investments on hardware and software protection against cybercrimes will become a priority.
  • Governments must rethink their strategy to include data sovereignty and protection.

Infrastructure Challenges

In the event of disasters, government agencies must have ready infrastructure in place to ensure that services go on unhampered and citizens have access to services they need.
A rugged back-up infrastructure is needed that is equipped with efficient solutions that can ensure business continuity.

Data security is a major concern at all aspects of governance.
Not only should infrastructure be designed to support critical operations, it must have robust monitoring and management framework for secure operations, intelligent notifications and alerts to enable immediate action in case of emergencies.

With increased reliance on IT, high-density computing could become a concern. Governments need a strong IT backbone that provides agility, productivity, and efficiency to government operations.
Consolidation simplifies government operations through cross-agency platforms, eliminating operational redundancies.
A robust data center is also needed to support the increasing use of online
applications to connect citizens and businesses.

A ‘smart’ city requires a ‘smart’ infrastructure that can support and manage multiple IT requirements from different high density environments. A traditional brick-and-mortar approach may no longer be enough.
Managing multiple, disparate IT infrastructure can be a challenge across different government agencies. Making sure that these are in sync and communicating effectively across different locations is paramount.
These agencies and sub-agencies would have varying levels of criticality, but would have the need for reliability and availability for their stakeholders as a common ground.

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