Solar power with standby batteries reduce cost on the grid.

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On-grid solar energy solutions enable an operator to focus mainly on energy cost savings while also enjoying the satisfaction of utilizing a renewable energy source. The solar array assumes part or all of the site load when possible, thereby reducing consumption of grid electricity to run the site.

On Grid from Vertiv

  • Balances multiple energy sources, especially in 5G applications
  • Improves availability
  • NetSure monitors the site and automatically starts the generator as needed
  • Solar supports load during the day and reduces operating costs

Optimize your hybrid power operations with these solutions.

NetSure 731 A41

The NetSure™ 731 A41 series showcases the new platform's higher power densities that are designed to deliver reliable and uninterruptible DC power for the telecom access applications.

HSS 48 Series

The HSS48 series solar sub-rack provides an easy, interruption-free and economical solution to upgrade a legacy DC power system. This ultra-compact, modular sub-rack brings an alternate solar energy source for access and transmission networks.

Vertiv EPC Series

Integrating power supply system, environment monitoring system, temperature control system and backup power system, the EPC Series can provide a stable and reliable operating environment for base station equipment as well as realize centralized power management and remote monitoring.

SiteWeb Monitoring System

Real time, centralized power and environment monitoring system with a modular and open design for the precise management of BTS power equipment and environment.

Maximize Site Reliability with Batteries

Vertiv has a full suite of affordable energy storage solutions that deliver operational value throughout the lifetime of the site. Whether it’s VRLA, lithium or other technologies, we have the right offering for your site to minimize operational costs and maximize reliability. Enhance your network with remote monitoring from Vertiv to holistically monitor and manage your power and batteries post installation, across multiple sites.


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