The page you're viewing is for Korean (Korea) region.

The page you're viewing is for Korean (Korea) region.


EPC48300/2900 Series

EPC48300/2900 series integrated outdoor power system is designed for centralized outdoor base station power management. Integrating power supply system, environment monitoring system, temperature control system and backup power system, this system can provide a stable and reliable operating environment for base station equipment as well as realize centralized power management and remote monitoring.

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Global Vertiv organization with all its capabilities ensures smooth project coordination
Product breath and platform based product portfolio of Vertiv ensure all the flexibility required
Factory assembly and testing, in Vertiv´s global network of manufacturing facilities, safeguard both quality and on-time delivery
Vast sources and local presence of Vertiv is there to support the products, today and in the future


High protection class design, IP55 offers a quick and convenient road to a protected environment with climate control, for the vital electronics under severe outdoor environment
Cabinet roof adopts a bevel design, eliminating accumulation of rain water and snow, while the base adopts an extensional design, facilitating system installation and maintenance
Integrate with Netsure high efficiency power supply system which the power capacity can be expanded up to 600A
Comprehensive environment monitoring system including power system monitoring, alarm management, environment monitoring and climate control.
Integrate different communication interfaces including TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, etc and realize remote monitoring
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Vertiv (Technical Support for DC Power and Outdoor Enclosures)
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