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Al trabajar con el soporte de ventas de Vertiv, puede configurar los complejos diseños de acuerdo con sus necesidades específicas. Si forma parte de una organización que busca orientación técnica para un proyecto grande, Vertiv puede ofrecerle el soporte que necesita.

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Muchos clientes trabajan con un socio revendedor de Vertiv para comprar productos de Vertiv para sus aplicaciones de TI. Los socios cuentan con amplia capacitación y experiencia, y están en una posición única para especificar, vender y brindar soporte a soluciones completas de TI e infraestructura con los productos de Vertiv.

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¿Ya sabe lo que necesita? ¿Desea la comodidad de comprar y enviar en línea? Ciertas categorías de productos de Vertiv se pueden comprar a través de un revendedor en línea.

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¿Necesita ayuda para elegir un producto? Hable con un especialista de Vertiv altamente calificado, quien le guiará hacia la solución adecuada para usted.

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The page you're viewing is for Spanish (LATAM) region.

Vertiv and the Open Compute Project (OCP)

The OCP Summit is the premier event uniting the most forward-thinking minds in open IT Ecosystem development. The Summit presents a unique platform for our Community from around the globe to share their insights, foster partnerships and showcase cutting-edge advancements in open hardware and software.


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OCP Global Summit
octubre 17 - octubre 19, 2023
Booth A5 - 10x10 Sapphire & Demo Area showcasing the XR App, San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA,

Vertiv Participation

Vertiv has been an active contributor to several OCP projects, most recently co-authoring a paper on design guidelines for immersion-cooled IT equipment. That work is consistent with our leadership position in data center thermal management and recognizes the challenges presented by continued increases in compute density. We collaborated with other OCP-affiliated experts in thermal management, fluid materials science and engineering, server integration, and power connectivity to identify guidelines and best practices in immersion cooling for high-density environments. Vertiv also developed rack DC bus bars and a 12V DC power shelf that are compatible with OCP racks.

Vertiv is active in the OCP today, serving on multiple committees including Data Center Facility, Rack and Power, and Advanced Cooling Facilities – Incubation. We are collaborating with other industry thought leaders on power and cooling innovations for future OCP racks to continue to drive data center efficiency.


Vertiv and OCP

Vertiv has been a powerful voice in the Open Compute Project, contributing to product development, serving on multiple OCP committees, co-authoring several papers, and presenting on various topics at Open Compute events.

Direct-OCP products:
  • OCPv3 Rack – available on ETO, currently in process for making a more standard ordering.

  • DC Power Shelf – In Development. DC Power intel from June was nothing currently available for ordering for OCP.

  • OCP in-rack manifold – on roadmap for potential development

  • OCP Adapter for DCD – on roadmap

Indirect OCP products:
  • Rear door heat exchanger DCD

  • rPDUs – available, for some use cases where there is still need for AC powered equipment in the rack

  • XDU product offerings

  • XDU600 (liquid-to-liquid CDU) - roadmap

  • XDU100 (liquid-to-liquid CDU) - roadmap

  • XDM300 (split chiller) - roadmap

  • XDU450 & 1350 (liquid-to-liquid CDU)

  • XDM200 & 400 (split chiller)

  • XDU070 (liquid-to-air CDU)


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