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Local Rack Access 18.5” LED LCD Console

The Vertiv™ Local Rack Access LCD console integrates an 18.5" monitor, keyboard and touchpad mouse. It has two USB 2.0 compliant pass-through ports, which provide faster data transmission between your console and connected devices.

Key Benefits
  • WIDESCREEN: 18.5” LED LCD panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 at both full screen and aspect ratio.
  • EASE OF USE: Full desktop style keyboard with number pad, touch pad and two USB 2.0 pass through ports.
  • USER INTERFACE: On-screen menu has an intuitive OSCAR interface and can be accessed in multiple languages.
  • KVM COMPATIBILITY: LRA Consoles are compatible with all Avocent® data center KVM switches.
  • DATA CENTER LOCAL ACCESS: Complete entry point to local severs when needed.


1U Horizontal rPDU with External Breaker Actuator

The Vertiv Geist 1U Horizontal rPDU with breaker actuators delivers high-density and reliable power distribution in a 1U form factor. This family of Switched rPDUs feature input power monitoring and outlet level switching, allowing you to remotely manage receptacles to avoid accidental overloads and reboot unresponsive critical IT equipment.

Key Benefits
  • HIGH-DENSITY: rPDUs available in three-phase configurations, supporting 60A 208V DELTA, 80A 208V DELTA, 30/32A 230/400V WYE, and 48A 230/400V WYE.
  • 1U FORM FACTOR: Allows for high-current deployments in a compact rPDU.
  • INTERCHANGABLE MONITORING DEVICE (IMD): Hot-swappable IMD includes ports for serial communication, environmental monitoring, and dual gigabit ethernet ports to simplify management of multiple PDUs with fault-tolerant daisy chaining or IP aggregation capabilities.
  • COMBINATION OUTLET C13/C19: Accommodate ever-changing rack power requirements with the flexibility to connect C14 or C20 plugs in the same outlet.
  • EASY CIRCUIT IDENTIFICATION: Easily identify circuits with color-coded P-Lock tabs, streamlining circuit and phase balancing with alternating outlets.

Vertiv™ Local Rack Access (LRA) 18.5” LED LCD Console

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