Independent third-party acceptance testing provides the highest level of reliability

Acceptance testing is arguably the most important investment you can make to minimize downtime and extend the life of your newly installed electrical equipment. As a NETA accredited company, Electrical Reliability Services provides unbiased, third-party acceptance testing services, performed by NETA-certified technicians. We ensure your equipment is installed per manufacturer specifications and industry standards. Regardless of manufacturer, we will ensure your system is functioning as a single integrated system.

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Minimize unplanned downtime with regular preventive maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance ensures that your electrical power system operates safely and reliably. With regular inspection and testing, you can extend the life of your equipment and minimize unplanned downtime that can be detrimental to property, profits and personnel.

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Partial discharge testing can detect issues early and prevent unplanned downtime

Partial discharge testing, as part of a routine maintenance plan, provides critical data and can detect system issues to better manage risk, prioritize equipment maintenance, and optimize budgets. Vertiv’s Electrical Reliability Services team offers unparalleled expertise in PD testing, providing fast, accurate results to help you improve power system reliability and worker safety.

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Routine relay maintenance and testing services ensures optimum system performance, efficiency, and safety

Relay maintenance and testing can be a challenging job, and it is not uncommon for facilities to operate more than one protective relay type and try to integrate them in one protection scheme. Maintenance and testing need to be done periodically to ensure your protection scheme is optimal and performs appropriately.  As a member of NETA we can provide independent testing for any manufacturer’s relay devices, from electromechanical and solid-state, to advanced microprocessor-based digital relays.

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Circuit breaker maintenance is critical to the protection of your electrical equipment, business operations, and worker safety.

Circuit breakers play a critical role in protecting your electrical assets, your business and the people working in in your facilities. As a key component of your protection and controls system, they are integral in limiting the damage should a fault occur. But like all electrical components, circuit breakers can and do fail. Comprehensive NETA-based testing and maintenance services ensure circuit breakers work when they are needed. Vertiv’s Electrical Reliability Services offers a nationwide network of NETA-certified field technicians that will expertly maintain your circuit breakers and handle all your electrical system reliability and safety needs.

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Infrared testing can detect trouble spots while equipment remains energized

A leading cause of electrical equipment failure is overheating caused by poor connections, overloaded circuits, failing components, or imbalanced loads. Vertiv’s Electrical Reliability Services infrared, thermal imaging services will help you identifying conditions that could result in a fire or electrical breakdown, allowing you to take action before damage or unplanned outages occur.

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Fluid sampling and analysis as part of your preventive maintenance plan, can extend the life of your most valuable assets

While large power transformers are among the most reliable equipment used in electrical power systems, failures do occur. Replacing a transformer is expensive and lead times are long. Performing routine oil/fluid analysis is the most effective, cost-efficient tool used to identify problems early, maximizing the life expectancy of your critical assets while avoiding costly outages.

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Emergencies and unexpected repairs require a trained technician with the expertise to troubleshoot the problem and present solutions.

Downtime happens, and when it does you expect responsive service by experts that know your system inside and out and can efficiently diagnosis the problem, recommend repair options, and provide those hard-to-find replacement parts. Vertiv’s Electrical Reliability Services’ technical experts will diagnose the issue and perform the repair or replace the failing asset with a new or refurbished unit. NETA-certified technicians, safety consultants, and registered professional engineers are available 24x7x365.

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  • Deep infrastructure expertise across entire electrical system from generation and transmission to distribution infrastructure
  • Technical knowledge base from 100,000 completed projects supporting ~400,000 pieces of equipment
  • Documented quality program to ensure standardized and consistent service delivery everywhere you operate
  • Superior safety ratings, safe work practices, and award winning safety programs
  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score
  • Nationwide staff of registered professional engineers
  • Leader in staffing Level 3 & 4 NETA-Certified technicians

  • Longevity of qualified technical resources
  • Founding member of InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA).
  • Participate and lead standards development including NFPA, IEEE, and NETA
  • Customer resolution center available 24x7x365 for emergency support
  • Comprehensive test equipment calibration program
  • Standardized data acquisition tool deployed across our global service organization, ensuring consistent, standardized data collection across each equipment type anywhere in the world
  • State-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic software and tools
  • Easy-to-read technical reports, compatible with NFPA and NETA standards
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