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From a network closet powering the education of tomorrows IT leaders to a data center giving real time access to patient records, we know each customer’s edge deployment comes with its own set of requirements.

Finding your way through products, solutions and everything 'edge' can be a challenge, but we can help. Vertiv partners with you to find your customer’s edge, enable their critical infrastructure and assure their business stays ahead of what’s next.

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Sharpen Their Edge with Vertiv Infrastructure

Your customer’s businesses are looking to IT to support new edge applications and migrate computing and storage closer to customers, associates and devices. But they can’t do it alone.


As the Architects of Continuity, Vertiv delivers a broad portfolio of intelligent infrastructure systems, software and services that address the reliability, scalability and management challenges your customers face as their edge evolves. No matter what their challenge is, Vertiv has the solution.

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Remote Access & Control

Learn how you can reduce downtime and improve your data center security, by using the remote access and control provided by Avocent

Avocent Serial Consoles

Avocent KVM over IP

Avocent HMX High Performance KVM

Avocent LCD Local Rack Access Console

Avocent Cybex Secure KVM

Racks & Enclosures

Get flexible and cost-effective rack and containment products and secure integral systems in your data center.

Vertiv VR Rack

Rack Cooling

The foundation of data center airflow management is the Hot Aisle-Cold Aisle design, where cabinets are placed in alternating rows, with IT air intakes (cold aisles) and IT air exhausts (hot aisles) each facing one another. This configuration allows data center operators to focus cooling airflow only where it’s needed— the IT air intakes—and to avoid unnecessary cost and inefficiencies from conditioning the entire whitespace.

Vertiv Geist SwitchAir

Remote Monitoring

Vertiv™ Environet is a comprehensive monitoring systems solution which collects the data you need to run your data centers efficiently. With visibility and management of the data center environment, Environet transforms complexity into simplicity

Vertiv™ Environet

Trellis™ Power Insight

Single Phase UPS

Intelligent and Efficient UPS for Protection of Your Mission-Critical Applications

Vertiv Liebert GXT5, 500-3000VA

Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS, 3000-10,000VA

Vertiv Liebert PSI5, 750-5,000VA UPS

Vertiv Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS

Customers have outdated UPS equipment? Check out our Trade-In Program

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Rack Power Distribution

Vertiv’s line of rack PDUs meets the varying power distribution requirements of IT and environmental applications.​

Vertiv Geist Monitored Rack PDU

Vertiv Geist Switched Rack PDU

Vertiv Geist Universal PDU (UPDU)

Remote Access & Control Racks & Enclosures Rack Cooling Remote Monitoring Single Phase UPS Rack Power Distribution

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