Watch Vertiv Geist UPDU -
Rack Power Redefined

November 08, 2019

The UPDU is ideal for hyperscale, colocation, enterprise, and edge applications as it introduces the flexibility necessary to deploy all levels of IT infrastructure from simple to complex with varying power requirements. The universal design allows users to simply swap out the FSC to increase or decrease power capacity based on changing IT power needs.

The design meets global compliance standards including UL, CE, RCM, China RoHS, and Japanese compliance requirements. The versatility offered by the UPDU enables any one UPDU to be installed in any data center around the world, regardless of the power infrastructure that is already in place.

The UPDU is available in horizontal and vertical configurations with a variety of receptacle count, monitoring level, and management options.

Select “Universal” on the rPDU Finder to find the UPDU for your application:

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