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How Vertiv Data Center Preventive Maintenance Services Works

John Salierno •

Helping customers maintain the availability of their critical systems is the ultimate goal of the Vertiv Services team. However, even under the most ideal conditions, there are always internal and external factors that can risk the uptime of a system. When these events occur, Vertiv customers have access to not only field service support, but also a robust team of customer service representatives and technical support professionals capable of providing technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For customers, sales representatives, engineers or any other individuals needing technical assistance with a Vertiv product or solution, here is an overview of the lengths our team will go to get your equipment back online as quickly as possible

The First Line of Defense for Data Center Services

No matter the severity of an issue, calling Vertiv’s Customer Resolution Center (CRC) means you’ll always speak with a live person.

Our CRC team members are properly trained to gather all the customer’s relevant information, provide basic troubleshooting instructions, and if necessary, route customer calls to an appropriate member from our technical support team. In situations where basic troubleshooting, such as restarting a unit, does not resolve the issue, Vertiv’s technical support team can provide comprehensive support for power and thermal equipment.

Many technical support team members are former field technicians. In addition, Vertiv’s technical support team follows the same training regimen as our field technicians, and the average tenure for the tech support team members is about 10-12 years. Both training and longevity give them a deep knowledge of how products operate in the field, as well as the needs of Vertiv customers.

Based on our own estimates, about one-third of the thousands of service calls we get each year can be solved over the phone. Certain issues can be solved by simply having a tech support member talk the customer through a series of steps, which minimizes disruption on their end. For example, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery may give an alert that the battery is near the end of its life. Often, a Preventative Maintenance (PM) visit is already scheduled in the not-so-distant future, during which time Vertiv’s engineers can use that time to resolve the issue. In that case, with the help of tech support, the alert can be silenced or reset by holding a few buttons for several seconds. In such instances, our trained CRC representatives will make a note in our ticketing system that the engineer needs to address this issue during the PM visit.

Data Center Maintenance Going the Extra Mile — Or Miles

While most issues can be resolved in a timely manner remotely, there are some instances where troubleshooting does not resolve the customer issue and a field service visit is scheduled. On the rare occasion that field service is the one calling technical support, the resolution can go all the way up to a technical support team member being dispatched to the client site to work with field technicians and provide a factory presence.

In even rarer cases where the equipment issues cannot be resolved, Vertiv will provide a unit replacement to the customer, assuming the equipment is under warranty or a replacement is covered under the service agreement*. Our team then transports the faulty unit back to Vertiv’s factory test facility, where the technical team will deploy a series of tests to recreate, to the best of our team’s ability, the issue the customer experienced in the field. This almost surgical-like process includes hooking the equipment up to multiple sensors, capturing sine waves and recreating the conditions of the original location in the test environment. During this process, the technical support team may operate the unit for days, weeks and even months to recreate the customer experience, try to determine what occurred and learn how to help prevent this issue from reoccurring in the field.

For a more in-depth look at how the Vertiv Services team solves customer issues. For more information about Vertiv’s service capabilities or to get in touch with the Vertiv Services team. If you need support for your critical infrastructure, please call 1-800-543-2378.

*Additional terms and conditions may apply.

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