The page you're viewing is for Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) region.

The page you're viewing is for Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) region.



眾所周知,並非所有的UPS系統都應用於受控的環境中。這就是為什麼要提供可靠應對最嚴苛的運行環境的 Chloride 工業系統。我們設計電源保護解決方案並提供服務的能力值得您信賴,我們的產品可以應對任何干擾,即使是最嚴峻的環境下也不例外。



Provide secure power to critical AC loads in demanding environments with Chloride AC Industrial UPS. Protect AC equipment and processes from the effects of power interruptions and variations.


Customize critical power solutions for heavy-duty industries in your Chloride Industrial Inverter system. Have optimal performance in diverse electrical and environmental conditions.


Ensure continuity of service to critical DC loads in extreme environments with Chloride DC Industrial UPS. In several configurations, these UPS systems can provide reliable DC power to your specific needs.


Industrial UPS Preventive Maintenance

A comprehensive preventive maintenance program for your emergency power system’s batteries is one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to ensure system reliability and prevent costly downtime.

Industrial UPS Upgrade and Replacement Services

Vertiv’s complete range of life-extension services helps you take advantage of the latest technology without incurring high replacement costs.

Spare Parts for Industrial, Utility and Harsh Environment Sites

Your industrial power protection system is designed to operate for 20+ years, but it will need timely part replacements to function properly. Spare parts kits can be created according to your system age and application environment.


我們提供協助。為您的 產品下載最新的軟體與韌體;取得產品合規、保固以及維修的正確支援;或是諮詢 Vertiv 專業人士以取得快速的解答。