The Power of Being There

When you need to take control of multiple IT devices across a room or across geographies, you can rely on market-leading Avocent or Cybex™ keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) switches and serial consoles to provide easy, single-point access to valuable system data.


Serial Console

  • The Avocent ACS 800 and 8000 serial consoles securely manage in-band and out-of-band network devices
  • Remote access to serial ports for configuration, troubleshooting, event tracking and notification of fault conditions
  • Ensures uptime of critical devices and minimum impacts to service

KVM over IP

  • The Avocent MergePoint Unity digital KVM switches provide access and control of multiple servers from virtually any location
  • KVM access over IP between hundreds of users and thousands of computers
  • Eliminates the need for physical access to device locations and provides management of devices from centrally located experts

High Performance KVM

  • With Avocent HMX 5000/6000/8000 High Performance KVM and the Avocent Matrix system, users can access shared workstations from any number of desktops
  • Ideal for Post-Production facilities that require high resolution with zero latency
  • Allows expensive workstations to be secured in safe areas away from the desk, and shared between multiple users as needed

Standard Desktop KVM

  • The Avocent SV 200 and SV300 desktop KVM switches simplify access to essential business systems.
  • Provides advanced videos support for resolutions up to UHD 4K
  • Allows users to copy and paste content from one system to another right from the desktop
  • Provides quick data transfer and high speed charging of mobile devices

Secure KVM

  • The Cybex SC800 and SC900 secure switches provide users access to computers with various classification levels from a single desk
  • Secure KVM switching with a single keyboard, monitor, mouse, and multiple desktop computers
  • Prevents crossover of data between computers ensuring data security is not compromised

LCD Tray

  • The Avocent LRA Console family gives access and control to multiple servers in a rack or row from one convenient location
  • Fold-away rack-based access point with switching between any number of attached servers
  • Safeguards IT equipment from accident when using crash carts or other bulky access equipment


  • The Avocent DSView software manages your Avocent hardware via secured web-browser-enabled sessions of infrastructure controls.
  • Incorporates a hub-spoke framework for database redundancy and distributed access.
  • Provides detailed event tracking, session logging, and alert notifications.
  • Securely and conveniently combine access to out-of-band and in-band services.

Battery Monitoring

  • The Alber battery monitoring solutions represent an essential part of future-proofing and safeguarding of critical facilities
  • Designed to prevent battery failure, optimize useful battery life, reduce maintenance costs and increase safety
  • Consists in a collection of patented methods around DC testing, inter-cell and inter-tier testing as well as real time discharge display and monitoring

Embedded Device Management

  • Solution development kits that include a commercial-ready implementation of the Open BMC open-source project
  • Tools for easy customization and integration of Avocent application or customer-defined business logic
  • Portable high performance Redfish engine that complies with the latest DMTF specifications

Across a Room, Across the Universe

No matter your location, Avocent and Cybex keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) switches and serial consoles provide easy, single-point access to valuable system data.

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