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The page you're viewing is for Portuguese (LATAM) region.

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Albér ELS2 – Electrolyte Level Sensor

The ELS2 Electrolyte Level Sensor is a non-invasive level sensor with incorporated temperature monitoring designed for quick installation and easy set up. This system complies with the NERC PRC-005 requirements for electrolyte level inspection. With this sensor, you eliminate unnecessary remote site visits and will eliminate the required quarterly inspection of battery electrolyte level in your battery string.

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Ideal para:
  • Indústria Química/Petroquímica (exceto Petróleo e Gás)
  • Energia Nuclear
  • Petróleo e gás
  • Geração de Energia
  • Transmissão e Distribuição de Eletricidade/Gás
Warranty: One year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship

An ELS2 system will include one sensor module to be attached to each cell for monitoring electrolyte level and temperature. Each of these modules will be connected back to a system interface module called the ELSI2 for processing of data for alarm analysis and reporting. The system can operate as a standalone or when combined with the Alber UXIME, provides all battery monitoring features.

Especificações por modelo
ELS2 Sensor Module
1.59   1.8   0.5   .35  
ELS2 Interface Module
1.45   5.25   3   1.1  


The three steps of battery monitoring automation, enabled by the Alber Cellcorder CRT-400 cell resistance tester
 Modular design easily expands to monitor an unlimited number of strings.
 Industry standard MODBUS protocol interfaces to third party building management systems via RS-485.
Direct communication via a USB service port. 
Higher Availability:
 Can be used in conjunction with Alber battery monitors to manage virtually all battery configurations.
 Infrared sensing technology for improved electrolyte level detection
 Cell temperature monitoring for notification of corrective action
Low Total Cost of Ownership:
 Eliminate the required quarterly inspection of battery electrolyte levels
 Maintaining the proper electrolyte level extends useful battery life
Ideally Suited For:
 Designed specifically to comply with the NERC PRC-005 requirements for electrolyte level inspection.


 Three form C contacts for alarm notification
 Status indicators on each cell for easy alarm identification
 Automatic or manual reset for any alarm
 Designed to work on nonopaque VLA battery cases
 Automatic calibration 

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Geist Support - Americas (Rack PDU and Watchdog)
+1 888 630 4445
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Vertiv (Customer Service for Albér Products)
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