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Alber Universal Xplorer Industrial Battery Monitor (UXIME)

The Alber Universal Xplorer Industrial Monitor (UXIME) is a stationary, real time battery monitor for use in Utility Bulk Power and Industrial applications. Standard configurations specifically designed for 120V and 48V batteries make it ideal for NERC compliance.

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Ideal para:
  • Indústria Química/Petroquímica (exceto Petróleo e Gás)
  • Energia Nuclear
  • Petróleo e gás
  • Transmissão e Distribuição de Eletricidade/Gás
  • Geração de Energia


The three steps of battery monitoring automation, enabled by the Alber Cellcorder CRT-400 cell resistance tester
Windows-based software or optional web-based software for real-time viewing, automatic data collection, data analysis, and report generation.
RS-485 communication, with optional TCP/IP interface for network or Internet communication via MODBUS or SNMP.
Interface with optional Alber Electrolyte Level Sensor (ELS2) system for complete monitoring coverage.
Monitors 2V VLA Wet Cells and 12V, 6V VLRA Modules
Higher Availability
Scans pertinent battery parameters every 4 seconds, including total voltage, cell voltage, current and temperature.
Automatic proactive internal DC resistance tests.
Discharges are automatically detected and data saved for retrieval and playback.
Trend analysis provides the ability to analyze performance and aid in trouble shooting.
Maintenance by the Vertiv Services local, factory-trained Customer Engineers promotes proper operation and longer service life for batteries.
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Optimizes useful battery life -- Utilize your batteries longer and with confidence by knowing their true internal condition.
Provides the data for a battery replacement program, only replacing batteries that are identified as failing.
Reduces on-site battery preventive maintenance.
Automate the IEEE
Recommended Practices for Battery Maintenance and Testing
Maintain complete and accurate maintenance records to comply for regulatory requirements.   


System configurations are field configurable
Continual real time scanning of the following parameters:
- Individual cell voltage
- String discharge current
- String float current
- String ripple current
- Overall voltage
- Ambient temperatures
Automatic testing of internal resistance, intercell and intertier connection measurements
Stores historical data and discharge events to allow playback of recorded data
Embedded Web server for viewing battery data via Web browsers
Embedded email manager for delivery of alerts and battery data
Ethernet and isolated RS-485 interface connectivity
USB connectivity for PC to allow real time data viewing and configuration
Form C contact for battery parameter or hardware alarm
Self calibrating
Supports MODBUS (via RS-485 and Ethernet) SNMP and SMTP (via Ethernet) protocols
Supports integration to ELS2 Electrolyte Level monitor

The utility monitoring system provides detailed battery information, allowing for cost savings by reducing maintenance and optimizing useful battery life. Instead of waiting for an inevitable failure or replacing batteries prematurely to prevent problems, you can continue to utilize your batteries longer and with confidence by knowing their true internal condition.


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Geist Support - Americas (Rack PDU and Watchdog)
+1 888 630 4445
1777 Yolande Avenue Lincoln Nebraska USA
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Vertiv (Customer Service for Albér Products)
+1 954 377 7101
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