The page you're viewing is for Polish (EMEA) region.

The page you're viewing is for Polish (EMEA) region.

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Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert

Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert provides industry companies with critical facility monitoring software that is affordable and easy to use. This solution delivers superior monitoring, alerting, trending and data organization capabilities for companies in such verticals as healthcare, financial services, government and more, helping them protect and grow their business. Customers get monitoring, alerting and trending at a price that’s right for their business.

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Increase your business flexibility – Vendor neutral SNMP device management at no additional cost to run your business the way you need.
Gain an affordable solution – Environet Alert is a budget-friendly solution, making it easy for SMBs and enterprises to deploy systems.
Benefit from fast and easy configuration – Manage your own system configuration and changes, eliminating the need for support touchpoints (optional service packages are available).
Customize your data – Set your own views with our modern user interface to focus on the data you need most for your job
Connect all operations – Use our API to connect to remote DCIM and building management systems (BMS) for a more complete picture of your operations.  
Idealne rozwiązanie dla:
  • Usługi bankowe, finansowe i ubezpieczeniowe
  • Transmisja radiowo-telewizyjna i rozrywka
  • Centrum przetwarzania danych/kolokacja/hosting
  • Edukacja
  • Administracja publiczna
  • Ochrona przeciwpożarowa/systemy alarmowe/dozór mienia
  • Opieka zdrowotna
  • Produkcja
  • Usługi specjalistyczne
  • Sprzedaż detaliczna i hurtowa
  • Telekomunikacja
  • Transport

Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert provides customers that don’t need a full-scale data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution with superior monitoring, alerting and data organization capabilities at an affordable price point. As such, it enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and industry companies that operate small edge sites or remote offices to gain an enterprise-class alerting solution that provides business flexibility and control. Vertiv Environet Alert enables companies to connect all their DCIM operations for greater visibility, manage threats proactively and maintain high availability readiness. Vertiv Environet Alert is easy to configure and maintain. It also integrates with both Vertiv and non-Vertiv SNMP devices.


Increase your operational awareness and visibility into key assets
Monitor your devices via streamlined integration with other business systems
Improve the uptime of servers with proactive threat resolution
Save time with easier setup, management and monitoring
Identify trends to plan and optimize operations across all locations
Ensure consistent processes and systems across data centers and server rooms   


Is a vendor-neutral solution
Provides a modern user interface (UI), enabling complete user flexibility and control
Integrates via an API
Provides powerful real-time monitoring, alarming and alerting
Delivers reporting, graphs and simple dashboards
Integrates with any SNMP device
Is high-availability-ready
Enable trap recipient and threshold alarming
Offers a customizable data visualization and flow
Is multi-site and global deployment-ready
Enables grouping and “collections” for user-customized data
Is globally available and supported
Provides support in multiple languages   

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