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The page you're viewing is for Polish (EMEA) region.

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NetSure IPE Series

Lightweight and maintenance-free, Vertiv™ NetSure™ IPE outdoor power systems are designed to power your 5G network in the harshest environments and are available with dedicated lithium-ion battery backup.

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Deploy your 5G network rapidly using quick cable connectors
Ensure high availability in hard-to-reach spaces
Minimize operating costs with 96.3% power efficiency
Run your network on silent, convection-cooled DC power  
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The high efficiency NetSure IPE Series reduces power consumption and lowers operating costs while delivering superior performance and uncompromised reliability.

Przegląd specyfikacji modelu
1000 W   20 A   -54 VDC   100-250 VAC     14.2 in   7.1 in   3.5 in   11.0 lbs  
2000 W   41.6 A   -54 VDC   200-240 VAC   Outdoor system   15.7 in   11.8 in   2.4 in   21 lbs  


Rapidly deploy your 5G network with outdoor rectifiers that easily mount directly to a pole or wall using quick connectors for battery, loads and alarms
Power your critical infrastructure in hard to reach spaces with IP65-rated outdoor modules that operate up to +75 °C
Keep network operating costs to a minimum by using highly available DC power that operates at 96.3% efficiency and requires no energy for cooling
Eliminate voltage drops and running massive cables to remote radio heads (RRHs) by placing these compact rectifiers directly on top of the tower
Quietly support your network with silent, convection-cooled DC power 


Fanless cooling eliminates maintenance and results in silent operation 
Wide temperature operating range from -40°C to +75°C /-40°F to 167°F
Compliant with global industry standards
Wall and pole mountable in flag or flat position
Ideal for rapid deployment in urban, rural, or protected public areas 

*Aby przejść do materiałów do pobrania dotyczących konkretnych modeli, należy przejść na stronę wybranego modelu produktu, wybierając nazwę w tabeli zawierającej specyfikację techniczną powyżej.

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Pokazane kontakty dla Virginia, 20149, USA Zmień
Vertiv (Customer Service for DC Power Systems & Outdoor Enclosures)
+1 800 800 1280
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Vertiv (Technical Support for DC Power and Outdoor Enclosures)
+1 800 800 5260
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