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Al trabajar con el soporte de ventas de Vertiv, puede configurar los complejos diseños de acuerdo con sus necesidades específicas. Si forma parte de una organización que busca orientación técnica para un proyecto grande, Vertiv puede ofrecerle el soporte que necesita.

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Muchos clientes trabajan con un socio revendedor de Vertiv para comprar productos de Vertiv para sus aplicaciones de TI. Los socios cuentan con amplia capacitación y experiencia, y están en una posición única para especificar, vender y brindar soporte a soluciones completas de TI e infraestructura con los productos de Vertiv.

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¿Ya sabe lo que necesita? ¿Desea la comodidad de comprar y enviar en línea? Ciertas categorías de productos de Vertiv se pueden comprar a través de un revendedor en línea.

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¿Necesita ayuda para elegir un producto? Hable con un especialista de Vertiv altamente calificado, quien le guiará hacia la solución adecuada para usted.

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The page you're viewing is for Spanish (LATAM) region.

Founded on the principles of strong corporate governance

Vertiv’s actions are governed by policies, programs and operating principles that align with our Core Principles. 

Gobernanza corporativa


El marco corporativo de gobernanza de Vertiv en cuanto a las reglas, prácticas y procesos que dirigen y controlan nuestro negocio en el interés de los accionistas, los clientes, los proveedores y los socios. Nuestra Junta Directiva es un grupo diverso y experimentado de líderes responsables de la gobernanza de la empresa y de las protecciones de los intereses de los participantes.

Data Privacy and Security

As a multinational corporation operating in and serving customers around the world, Vertiv implements a robust strategy to protect the data and information of our employees, company and customers.

Data privacy

Vertiv maintains multiple systems to ensure compliance with relevant data privacy regulations across the jurisdictions where we conduct business. Our Privacy Policy outlines the procedures for collecting, utilizing and sharing personal data by Vertiv, its subsidiaries and affiliates, along with the privacy options available to users of our services.


Vertiv employs a "defense-in-depth" strategy to safeguard both company and customer information. This approach employs multiple layers of defense mechanisms to fortify systems and data, ensuring that if one layer is compromised, others remain intact to thwart attacks and breaches. Our systems adhere to NIST 800-171 standards and, in certain regions, ISO 27001 requirements.

Product security

Our commitment to a defense-in-depth approach extends to the products and solutions we offer to our customers. Given the interconnected nature of our products and the sensitive information they handle within digital infrastructures, this aspect is crucial to our offerings.

Corporate Governance 

As of January 1, 2024, our Board included 11 members and three standing committees: Audit Committee, Compensation Committee and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. For a comprehensive overview of our Board’s corporate governance practices and Committee charters, please refer to our Corporate Governance Guidelines.


Corporate Governance Highlights 

The Board recognizes that one of its key responsibilities is to evaluate and determine its optimal leadership structure to ensure oversight of management and a high-functioning, engaged Board. When evaluating the structure, the Board may take into consideration a variety of criteria, such as, but not limited to, strategic priorities, skillsets of the independent directors, current market environment, the strengths and talents of Vertiv’s management team, and stockholder feedback. Thus, instead of taking a “one-size-fits all” approach to Board leadership, the Board selects the structure that it believes will provide the most effective leadership and oversight for the Company, taking into consideration the Company’s needs and circumstances at any given time.

In evaluating potential Board members, the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee considers a wide array of factors, including experience, skills, expertise, diversity, personal and professional integrity, character, business judgment, time availability, dedication, conflicts of interest, applicable listing standards and such other relevant factors that the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee considers appropriate in the context of the needs of the Board of Directors.

Other highlights include:

  • Annual full Board elections/declassified Board
  • Code of Conduct
  • No poison pill
  • Robust stock ownership guidelines for company officers and directors
  • Prohibition of hedging and pledging

For more information on corporate governance at Vertiv, please see our 2024 Proxy Statement.

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