Remote management of the critical infrastructure with the Liebert Multilink Automated Monitoring Software

Vertiv™ Power Assist

Download Vertiv™ Power Assist, a free software used to perform a controlled shutdown of an IT device when the UPS battery backup experiences a threatening condition. Compatible with the Liebert PSP, Liebert PSI, Liebert PSI5,Vertiv Edge, Liebert PSA, Liebert PST5, Liebert GXT3. Liebert GXT4 and Liebert GXT5 UPS systems. Register below to gain access to the software.

Note: Not all legacy UPS models support all data points used by Vertiv™ Power Assist. However, users still may perform a shutdown based on available data points. Regarding battery capacity, for example, a legacy UPS user still has the option to shut down when the battery capacity is less than a certain percent, shut down when the battery is only available for a designated remainder of time, or shut down immediately.

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