Liebert EconoPhase Pumped Refrigerant Economizer

The Liebert Econophase pumped refrigerant economizer works with the Liebert DSE cooling unit and Liebert MC Outdoor Condenser to significantly improve data center efficiency - without bringing in outside air and without using water.

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Key Benefits
High Efficiency
Active refrigerant economizer provides more hours of annual free cooling than passive thermosyphon systems
Pumps use less than one-tenth the energy as CRAC compressors
Refrigerant carries 2 times twice as much heat as water and 40 times as much heat as air
Instant changeover to economizer mode, even for short periods
Greater Protection
No outside air contamination, and no dampers or louvers to maintain
Automatic failure diagnostics; pump unit serviceable without loss of cooling
Low Maintenance
Virtually maintenance-free, with no moving parts except the sealed pumps
Easy to Install
Can be installed as a unit or as part of a bundle with the Liebert MC or MCV
Allows for greater line lengths than passive thermosiphon systems (up to 300 ft) 
Best Suited For:
  • Banking, Financial and Insurance
  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and Wholesale


  • Averages up to a 5% to 6% reduction in the TDV (Time Dependent Valuation) energy value, and more significantly it eliminates the water requirement for data centers


Highly efficient -  PUE as low as 1.05 in full economizer mode
Supports sustainability and cost savings initiatives
No water and no costly water treatment required
No outside air contamination
No dampers and louvers to adjust and maintain
Instant changeover to economizer mode, even for short time periods, to optimize free cooling hours


Uses pumped refrigerant for higher absorption than water or air systems
Pump unit serviceable without loss of cooling
Advanced Liebert iCOM controls for automatic failure diagnostics and self-optimization
Tools & Selectors
Select, compare, or configure thermal management systems
Calculate Cooling Retrofits Savings
Find out the potential savings with upgraded Liebert® technologies in your existing cooling systems
Calculate Cooling Economization
See how much economization is estimated based on geographic location, loads and other operating parameters

The Liebert EconoPhase unit automatically switches to economizer operation during periods of lower outdoor temperature to reduce or eliminate compressor run time. The Liebert EconoPhase is an option for a Liebert DSE™ air-cooled system.

Liebert EconoPhase Pumped Refrigerant Economizer
Physical Characteristics
340-347 lbs
154-157 kgs
40 1/8 in
1019 mm
36 3/16 in
919 mm
42 1/8 in
1071 mm

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