Learn how the telecommunications and data center industries are converging to support 5G and the related critical facility growth from core to edge.

The Power of 5G

Learn about Vertiv's telecommunications, data center and edge infrastructure solutions to support 5G network infrastructure and help businesses transition to 5G.

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Vertiv Guide to 5G Technology

5G is the fifth generation of the cellular telecommunications network, delivering increased bandwidth and faster speeds that enable everything from high-definition video to ultra-low-latency gaming and advanced telemedicine, with the promise for even more advanced applications as the technology matures and expands around the globe.

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5G in the Access Network

5G access networks require powerful computing resources that potentially could double energy consumption at each tower and fundamentally change the demands placed on the power and cooling infrastructure.

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5G at the Edge

Although 5G networks and the IT edge have emerged and grown independently, they share a core objective: enabling advanced, low-latency applications by bringing computing closer to the end user.

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Supporting 5G at the Core

The 5G core network is a modern central office controls a vast, virtualized network of 5G microsites while simultaneously hosting cloud offerings and managing amped-up backend requirements.

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