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Evolving Secure Government Solutions to Meet PSD 4.0 Requirements

Vertiv™ Secure Solutions Are in Evaluation with the NIAP

Secure keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) switching solutions enable U.S. government employees to abide by information and access controls and information handling restrictions as they use:

  • Top-secret and sensitive compartmented information (SCI), which is routed over the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS)
  • Classified information, which is routed over the Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet)
  • Non-classified information, which is routed over the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet)

Being able to view and access information across multiple screens while avoiding data cross-contamination is incredibly important to government agencies. Staff can use a single hot key to move easily from screen to screen, increasing productivity while reducing work strain. In addition, staff often need to view and synthesize data from different screens on a single screen, which is possible with secure MultiViewer KVM switches.

 Agencies use secure KVM switches to run command and control centers, direct military and national security missions and oversee information security and business continuity programs, among other responsibilities.

Other verticals that benefit from secure KVM switches include financial services, media and retail. They’re used for fast-paced trading, broadcast and multi-media and ecommerce operations. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are also increasingly adopting KVM products to manage data center operations.

NIAP Issues New Requirements for Secure KVM Switches

So, what’s new with secure KVM solutions?

Recently, the NIAP released its Common Criteria Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Device (PSD) v. 4.0, meaning that technology manufacturers who make secure KVM switches must rapidly evolve their solutions to meet new requirements. This new guidance replaces the Common Criteria Protection Profile - Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing (PSS) Switch Version 3.0, which was first issued in 2015.

Understanding PSD v. 4.0 Changes

The NIAP has made multiple changes to its latest guidance, PSD v. 4.0. Vertiv solutions will be evaluated against the following mandatory and optional criteria:

Tampering: Active intrusion detection (AID) is optional. Login is only required if the switch has AID. All Vertiv secure KVMs have AID with the exception of our economy and MultiViewer units, increasing their security.

Audio input: Microphone use is possible, but not if combined with audio output, such as speakers. There is stricter analog filtration on audio output. Vertiv is not offering a microphone in its current secure KVM portfolio.

Keyboard mouse: USB-C is allowed, while PS/2 is prohibited. Vertiv Cybex DPHC Secure Desktop KVM Switches come with USB-C.

Video: USB-C is allowed. Mouse switching (CNS) requires a “guard key.” All of Vertiv secure KVM switches offer CNS and have a guard key.  

New products: New products allowed include a CAC switch, isolator for single-port KVMs, remote switch panels (AFP) and MultiViewer. Vertiv offers the Vertiv Cybex Secure MultiViewer KVM for multiple desktop switching.

NIAP Evaluates Vertiv Solutions in First Wave of PSD 4.0 Testing

Vertiv secure solutions currently being evaluated against the PSD 4.0 include:

  • Vertiv Cybex SC800 and the Cybex SC900 DPH and DPHC Secure Desktop KVM Switches enable users to switch seamlessly and securely among multiple compute resources, so that they can work efficiently and with a minimum of clutter. Users that leverage video for work such as security and counterterrorism operations can view video at up to UHD 4K at 60Hz. The secure KVMs are available in single-head and dual-head four-port and eight-port options. The latest products also have a universal port on every unit, meaning that users can mix and match the DP, HDMI or VDI-D cables they need, without having to add adaptors, creating greater flexibility.

  • Vertiv™ Cybex™ Secure MultiViewer KVM Switches are ideal for users who need to monitor and manage multiple active computers, as they interact with both classified and non-classified data on single or dual display projections. They can view and interact with up to 16 computers on a dual screen, using features such as tiling, windowing and touch screen capabilities to streamline operations.

  • Cybex™ SCM145 Secure Desktop Matrix KVM Switches are dual-monitor solutions with HDMI/DVI high resolution capability that enable users to switch between up to four networks by pushing a button or among two networks with Cursor Navigation Switching (CNS), by simply moving their mouse across window borders while utilizing the “guard key.” These switches are designed to protect against cyber intrusion at the desktop. 

Vertiv is pleased to be the first group of vendor evaluations for PSD v 4.0. if you’d like to learn more about the full capabilities of our secure solutions for government please visit

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