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If you work in or around the telecom industry, there is no denying the rising hype around 5G. Preparing for it is undoubtedly a top priority, and rightfully so, considering that most experts agree this next generation of cellular network technology will bring about unprecedented change for businesses and consumers — a sentiment reinforced during a recent webinar from Vertiv and 451 Research.

In fact, 451 Research believes “5G will be the most impactful and difficult network upgrade ever faced by the telecom industry as it is part of a very complex ‘digital transformation’ encompassing IT/network convergence and radical changes in how software is created and deployed.”

The sheer magnitude of change and possible life-altering benefits expected from 5G technology continues to fill the hype balloon, creating feelings of anticipation, and in some cases, anxiety related to the coming transformation. Telecom operators are likely asking themselves: What exactly should I be doing now to prepare? What are others doing? and Is there enough time?

Fortunately, the “Telco Industry 5G Hopes and Fears” webinar serves to burst this hype balloon (or at least deflate it a little) by answering these questions with research survey data collected from more than 100 telecom operators from around the globe. Drawing on this recent market assessment and their personal experience, the presenters aim to temper the hype by not focusing solely on the opportunities. They also identify the challenges and provide some realistic approaches to addressing them.

Listen to the recording of this webinar for insights such as:

  • Key industry trends that are impacting the 5G evolution
  • Greatest threats for the next three years
  • Timing regarding 5G milestones (hint: full 5G coverage probably isn’t happening as soon as you think)
  • Type of services planned for short-term deployment
  • Technical enablers most important for company success in 5G
  • Connectivity challenges (hint: an energy efficient edge will be pivotal to overcoming them)


“The energy consumption needed to support 5G, if unchecked, has the potential to derail the financial benefits of creating new technology and building new telecom infrastructures,” said co-presenter Eric LeCalvez, vice president of global telecoms strategic clients and telecom vertical for Vertiv in EMEA.

Both LeCalvez and his co-presenter, 451 Research’s Brian Partridge, agree that the promise of 5G for new service brokering and revenue generation will only come to fruition if new models of operation can be mastered and scaled. Preparedness and collaboration among network, IT, and data center operations will be critical, as will strong support from ecosystem partners.

Start your preparations with this webinar!

Listen to Webinar


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