5G: The Risks and Rewards for Operators

How to Avoid the Pitfalls and Deliver on the Promise

To clearly understand the upsides and downsides of delivering 5G infrastructure, Vertiv partnered with 451 Research to get operators’ insights on implementing 5G and edge computing. More than 100 telecom operator tech decision makers worldwide outlined which enabling technologies and services will most affect their 5G success over the next decade.
Below, sign up to attend the webcast and learn more from our subject matter experts, watch the video of the research highlights with Brian Partridge from 451, and download the paper to read the results of the research.

Research Paper: Telecom Operators' Hopes and Fears for 5G and Multi-Access Edge Computing Transformation


In-depth research from 105 global telecom operators conducted and curated by 451 Research. This 25-page report is the most current report on the immediate challenges and initiatives being faced and addressed by operators.

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Webinar Recording: Telecom Operators' Hopes and Fears for 5G & MEC Edge Computing Transformation


Originally recorded on May 16, 2019, this webinar features Vertiv 5G expert Eric LeCalvez, VP Strategic Accounts, and Brian Partridge, VP Applied Infrastructure and DevOps Channel from 451 Research, as they discuss the challenges and keys to success for 5G implementation over the next decade and beyond.

What will you learn at this webinar?

  • How are your peers and competitors preparing for 5G
  • How will energy costs increase and how can they be controlled?
  • The interplay between 5G and edge computing
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Video of Research Highlights


Brian Partridge, Vice President of Applied Infrastructure and DevOps Channel at 451 Research, shares topline research finds:

  • The most surprising results of the research
  • The most pressing 5G installation challenges
  • How to ensure 5G and edge deployment success

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