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Hybrid Solutions

Vertiv hybrid solutions that support renewable energy deployments in remote network edge and telecom sites

The Vertiv Advantage

With 5G infrastracture on the horizon, telecom operators are faced with new challenges in their critical infrastructure. Not only do they require solutions to support next-generation technologies and ultra-fast broadband connection, they also need a cost-efficient approach to enabling 5G infrastracture. Renewable energy is fast becoming a viable option, especially in remote locations where stable utility power remains a challenge.

Vertiv’s hybrid solutions for telecom sites are fully customizable, rugged and flexible to adapt to your different challenges. Our rectifiers and energy storage solutions support renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Our hybrid solutions can be deployed virtually anywhere including network edge and remote telecom sites.


When to deploy hybrid solutions?

Whether to support 5G infrastracture deployment, reduce latency at the network edge or upgrade an existing telecom site, there are multiple advantages to deploying a hybrid solution. Depending on where you are situated, there are multiple renewable energy options for telecom available such as solar or wind or a combination of both.

Hybrid solutions are ideal in remote locations where there is no reliable utility power source or if maintenance and access to the site is difficult or costly. Hybrid solutions such as off grid solar and on grid solar help you increase operational savings through ease of maintenance and management and enhanced availability and efficiency.

Hybrid Solutions Applications

Poor Grid Hybrid Solar Solutions

Solar power as main source during daytime, while batteries and genset as supplementary sources when grid is unavailable.

Off-Grid Pure Solar Solutions

Solar as the primary energy source with long standby batteries and optional standby genset.

Off-Grid Hybrid Solutions

Solar power option to reduce genset usage together with high discharge batteries without connection to the grid.

Grid-Connected Hybrid Solutions

Solar power and standby batteries as power source reduces dependency on both the grid and generators.

Featured Success Story

Vodafone Uses Vertiv's Hybrid Energy Storage Solution to Offer Broadband Solution in Rural New Zealand

Vodafone is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies providing a wide range of services including voice, messaging and data across mobile and fixed networks.

Working with Vertiv, Vodafone and the NZ Government have improved mobile coverage and high-speed wireless broadband for thousands of locals and visitors in the region through a reliable and cost-effective enclosure that could provide off-grid continuous power; reduce fossil fuel consumption; lower maintenance costs and ensure enhanced reliability.

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Featured Products

NetSure 531

The NetSure™ 531 wall-mounted power supply system with high-frequency switching rectifier is a communication power supply system providing high reliability, high power density, high performance and full digitalization designed by Vertiv.

NetSure 731

The NetSure 731 series is an embedded, high-efficiency sub-rack power system . It is designed to meet the demands of shared BTS sites for multiple tenants.

Off Grid Hybrid Power System

The Off Grid Hybrid Power System from Vertiv provides backup power requirements to remote site equipment. It monitors the state of the batteries and automatically controls the generator operation. It is designed to meet harsh environments.

HSS Series Solar Subrack

The HSS488 series solar sub rack provides an easy, interruption free and economical solution to upgrade a legacy DC power system. HSS488 series solar sub rack was built in with high efficiency solar MPPT converter S48-2000e3 which provides ultra-high efficiency of more than 96%.

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