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Vodafone Uses Vertiv's HESS to Offer Broadband Solution in Rural New Zealand

November 24, 2017


Vodafone is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies providing a wide range of services including voice, messaging and data across mobile and fixed networks.

Working with Vertiv, Vodafone and the NZ Government have improved mobile coverage and high-speed wireless broadband for thousands of locals and visitors in the region through a reliable and cost-effective enclosure that could provide off-grid continuous power; reduce fossil fuel consumption; lower maintenance costs and ensure enhanced reliability.


  • They have access to fast and reliable broadband, with minimal disruption from the diesel generator. Connectivity is one of the most important areas to encourage business and economic development in rural areas, which are fast being left behind by urbanised areas.
  • Using natural energy such as solar and wind means Vodafone can leverage multiple energy sources to top up the batteries and power the customer load without reliance on the grid. 
  • Vertiv’s energy optimization expertise has led to a significant reduction in expensive diesel runtime coupled with efficient energy storage.

Case Summary

Location: New Zealand

Vertiv Solution: Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS)

Critical Need:

The global telco industry has the incredible challenge of bringing connectivity to remote locations where there is no grid power or other reliable sources of energy. The depth of this challenge depends on both the rural landscape and the amount and type of infrastructure that is being invested in rural regions.


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