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Working with our Vertiv Sales team enables complex designs to be configured to your unique needs. If you are an organization seeking technical guidance on a large project, Vertiv can provide the support you require.

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The simple way to power and cool AI

Vertiv™ 360AI includes a complete portfolio of power, cooling and service solutions that solve the complex challenges arising from the AI revolution.

End-to-end solutions for retrofits and new builds of any scale

From rack solutions to an entire prefabricated modular data center, Vertiv 360AI has options to support the entire AI journey, from test pilots and Edge inferencing to a full-scale AI data center.

Read the solution brief Learn more about prefabricated modular solutions

Inferencing and Edge AI

  • AI Testing
  • Model Training Pilots
  • Edge Inferencing

Enterprise and Data Center AI

  • AI Labs
  • Inferencing and Model Training
  • Data Center White Space

Prefabricated Modular AI Data Centers

  • AI Model Training
  • AI Data Centers

Click on the designs below based on your needs to see our recommended design for your situation. Be sure to click the “Talk to an Expert” to discuss further with one of our application engineers. Availability varies by region, contact Vertiv for details

Design for new builds

Rack density Rack count GPU count Design ID Cooling technology
20kW 18 248 RD002 RD002E RD002A Air
40kW 10 248 RD003 RD003E RD003A Air
40kW 10 248 RD004 RD004E RD004A Air
73kW 88 2304 RD006 RD006E RD006A Liquid + Air
73kW 110 2880 RD007 RD007E RD007A Liquid + Air
132kW 36 1152 RD014 RD014E RD014A Liquid + Air
132kW 54 1728 RD015 RD015E RD015A Liquid + Air
132kW 72 2304 RD016 RD016E RD016A Liquid + Air
300kW - - RD300 RD300E RD300A Liquid
500kW - - RD500 RD500E RD500A Liquid

Design optimized for retrofits

Rack density Rack count GPU count Design ID Cooling technology
40kW 4 128 4X160R 4X160RE 4X160RA Air
70kW 1 64 1L70R 1L70RE 1L70RA Liquid + Air
100kW 1 88 1L100R 1L100R 1L100RA Liquid + Air
100kW 4 368 4L400R 4L400RE 4L400RA Liquid + Air
100kW 4 368 4XL400 4XL400 4XL400A Liquid + Air
100kW 5 460 5L500 5L500 5L500A Liquid + Air
100kW 12 1104 12XL1200 12XL1200 12XL1200A Liquid + Air
100kW 14 1288 14L1400 14L1400 14L1400A Liquid + Air

Power and cooling work better, together

Only Vertiv can meet the power and cooling demands of AI workloads. Vertiv™ 360AI solutions combines power and cooling together with remote management and lifecycle service, providing a complete solution with seamless implementation.


Benefits of Vertiv™ 360AI solutions

Reduce Deployment
Time by up to 50%

Pre-engineered solutions simplify the deployment process end-to-end and eliminate design cycles, reduce deployment time up to 50%.

Broad Range and Flexible
Deployment Methods

Solutions available from Edge Inferencing to AI Data centers with options ranging from a high-density rack solution, to large prefabricated modular data centers

and Seamless Operation

Only Vertiv can meet both the power and cooling demand of AI, and each solution is built from the most complete portfolio of power and cooling in the industry.

Unmatched Expertise
& Support

Support throughout the process from assessment and design, to deployment and lifecycle management

Accelerate your AI deployment

Speed and simplicity throughout the deployment is crucial for enterprises looking to deploy AI and high-performance computing.
Pre-engineered solutions are proven to dramatically reduce design cycles, reduce risk, and provide more predictable costs.

360AI accelerate your ROI on AI

Overcome unprecedented power demand

AI and high-density workloads will require extensive capacity upgrades. Vertiv™ 360AI solutions can power AI from the grid to
the chip and enable hybrid energy strategies.

Learn more about Vertiv dynamic power solutions

Power Modules

Scale power fast to supplement demand for accelerated computing

Learn more
Liebert APT

The Liebert APT is an integrated power system from Vertiv

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High-density cooling strategies for retrofits and new builds

AI workloads will require new cooling strategies. Vertiv™ 360AI solutions includes a wide range of cooling and heat rejection technologies to provide the best cooling strategy for the application.

Learn more about high-density cooling solutions Learn more about liquid cooling options for data centers
Direct-to-Chip (D2C) Liquid Cooling

Vertiv™ 360AI solutions can support air-cooled and/or liquid cooled servers.

Rear-Door Heat Exchangers

Rear-door heat exchangers cool the exhaust (hot) air before it passes the rear door of the rack and can be used with Direct-to-chip liquid cooling to capture residual heat.

Monitoring, management, and controls software

Vertiv™ 360AI solutions support network communications and software to provide centralized, remote visibility across the entire solution, with unmatched controls capabilities across power and cooling technologies.

Energy & Power Management Systems
Thermal Controls
Liebert® iCOM™-S

End-to-end services for seamless deployments

End-to-end lifecycle services are included with Vertiv™ 360AI solutions to streamline deployment and cover deployment, commissioning, and maintenance


  • Site assessment
  • Design
  • Project management
Learn more about our service capabilities


  • Installation
  • Startup
  • Testing
Learn more about our service capabilities


  • Preventive maintenance
  • Fluid maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
Learn more about our service capabilities

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