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Working with our Vertiv Sales team enables complex designs to be configured to your unique needs. If you are an organization seeking technical guidance on a large project, Vertiv can provide the support you require.

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Many customers work with a Vertiv reseller partner to buy Vertiv products for their IT applications. Partners have extensive training and experience, and are uniquely positioned to specify, sell and support entire IT and infrastructure solutions with Vertiv products.

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Already know what you need? Want the convenience of online purchase and shipping? Certain categories of Vertiv products can be purchased through an online reseller.

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Need help choosing a product? Speak with a highly qualified Vertiv Specialist who will help guide you to the solution that is right for you.

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The page you're viewing is for English (ASIA) region.

Reimagine energy management for mission-critical operations. The Dynamic Power portfolio of hybrid power solutions enables you to sustainably provision, control, and manage your power infrastructure.

Always-On Power Management

Leveraging energy storage systems and distributed energy resources, Dynamic Power solutions ensure resilience and reliability, even during significant events or fuel access restrictions. Embrace the future of power management with Vertiv™ Dynamic Power Click to learn more about each solution.

Data Center Market Power Trends

The importance of environmentally responsible power management strategies that don't compromise capability or service reliability is emphasized by these trends. Ultimately, they shape data centers that are resilient, scalable, and economically viable in a market that demands constant innovation and adaptability.

The Dynamic Power Advantage

Customized Power Solutions

Every enterprise is unique, so a one-size-fits-all approach to energy management doesn't work. Vertiv Dynamic Power aligns with your specific needs to create a tailored power ecosystem. Whether you require dynamic online UPS support or long-term grid independence, our solutions are designed to adapt and deliver. Read more

Enhance Uptime, Reduce Emissions

Dynamic Power isn't just about maintaining operations but elevating your corporate responsibility. Our systems guarantee higher uptime and integrate with renewable sources to help reduce or even eliminate CO2 emissions. As part of your sustainability strategy, these solutions pave the way for a more eco-friendly approach to power management that aligns with your corporate values. Read more

Leveraging the Modern Grid

In today's market, idle assets don't just represent lost potential; they can be actual liabilities regarding operating costs and opportunity losses. Leveraging the modern grid, our solutions transform 'stranded' assets like diesel generators into revenue-generating 'always-on' assets, prepared for both the expected and the unexpected in the energy market. Read more

Resilient, Reliable,
Right for You

From the onset, Vertiv Dynamic Power has been purpose-built to face energy demand challenges in the most critical environments. Data centers, healthcare facilities, and manufacturing plants can all take advantage of these resilient systems to bolster their operations with energy-efficient, always-on power management. Read more


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