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The page you're viewing is for English (ASIA) region.


“In Oil and Gas, safety comes first and there is no compromise on it. Modern technology plays an important role in monitoring and securing these installations. Specifically, the industry believes in multiple redundancies and continuous power to assure that every component within systems—every sensor, every valve and every PLC— is online 100 percent of the time, even in an emergency shutdown situation.”

Jean-Baptiste Trollé,
vice president of global industrial sales and marketing for Vertiv

Downtime in the Oil and Gas Production industries, including offshore installations, has the potential to be catastrophic.

The release of the movie, “Deepwater Horizon,” chronicling the 2010 disaster on an offshore platform, served as a powerful reminder for panelists of the consequences of failure in offshore production. “’Deepwater Horizon’ highlights how complex the challenge of protecting these systems is,” explained panelist Jack Pouchet, vice president of market development at Vertiv. “Most critical industries have backup systems in place, but that alone doesn’t provide immunity from failure. These technologies need to be supported with a disciplined approach to training and testing.”



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