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“Telecommunications remains fundamental to our ability to communicate, is critical to commerce, and enables life-safety efforts. The fact that telecommunications services were not disrupted by the series of earthquakes that hit Italy in 2016 allowed first responders to exchange information on where the highest number of causalities were located, expediting response and minimizing the loss of life from this natural disaster”

Emiliano Cevenini,
vice president of sales, AC power, and business development in EMEA for Vertiv

The Telecommunications industry set the standard for availability of critical services with the development of the traditional telecommunications network during the twentieth century. The industry has invested heavily to achieve similar levels of availability in mobile communications this century, although the nature of mobile makes it nearly impossible to deliver the same level of availability as the traditional network.

Telecommunications scored highly among panelists in financial impact, societal order, immediacy of impact, and the effect of downtime on the company’s reputation. Telecommunications providers not only prioritize and invest in critical systems to ensure availability, they spend millions in marketing dollars to promote the reliability of their networks to enhance customer confidence and create competitive differentiation.

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