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“Their business model in this industry is directly dependent on availability, so, they have a strong financial incentive to protect their customers from disruption. Yet, they also face the challenge of having to scale quickly to capitalize on market opportunities while delivering cost-effective services in a highly competitive market. As a result, they have been instrumental in pioneering new approaches to data center design that deliver high availability while enabling the ability to quickly add capacity.”

Peter Panfil,
vice president of global power at Vertiv

Cloud and Colocation Services have experienced strong growth in the last five years as the industry has expanded to meet the demand for storage, compute and networking capacity by a wide range of other industries that now depend on these platforms to deliver services to customers and employees.

Panelist Peter Panfil, vice president of global power at Vertiv, has worked closely with many cloud and colocation providers on the design and deployment of critical power systems to ensure the availability of their data centers. “Cloud and colocation providers are becoming the hub of the digital economy, and downtime can have implications that ripple through society,” said Panfil.

Cloud and Colocation were scored highly based on the financial impact of disruption, company resources dependent on availability of services, immediacy of impact, and the priority the industry places on availability.

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