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Travailler avec un représentant du fabricant Vertiv permet de configurer des conceptions complexes en fonction de vos besoins spécifiques  Si votre entreprise recherche des conseils techniques pour un projet de grande envergure, Vertiv peut vous apporter l’assistance dont vous avez besoin.

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De nombreux clients travaillent avec un revendeur partenaire Vertiv pour acheter des produits Vertiv pour leurs applications IT. Nos partenaires disposent d’une formation et d’une expérience approfondies, et sont particulièrement bien placés pour spécifier, vendre et prendre en charge l’ensemble des solutions informatiques et d’infrastructure avec les produits Vertiv.

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Vous savez déjà ce dont vous avez besoin ? Vous souhaitez profiter de la facilité d’achat et d’expédition en ligne ? Certaines catégories de produits Vertiv peuvent être achetées auprès d’un revendeur en ligne.

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Besoin d’aide pour choisir un produit ? Parlez à un spécialiste Vertiv hautement qualifié qui vous guidera vers la solution qui vous convient.

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The page you're viewing is for French (EMEA) region.


Read our White Paper on "Deploying Liquid Cooling in the Data Center" for practical strategies and a step-by-step roadmap for adopting liquid cooling for 1MW IT loads.

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Combining Air and Liquid: The Best Solutions for High Density Data Centers

The benefits of adding liquid cooling to your air-cooled facility

Liquid cooling can effectively manage up to and exceeding 120kw per rack
Learn More
Reduce total data center power consumption around 10.2%
Learn More
More than 15 percent improvement in total usage effectiveness (TUE)
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Top Three Takeaways on Deploying Liquid Cooling

Here is high-level guidance any team can use to navigate the incremental addition of liquid cooling to air-cooled environments cooling infrastructure.

Vertiv Is Working Together with Leaders in the AI Industry

  • Vertiv is a Solution Consultant Advisor partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN).
  • NVIDIA and Vertiv have been collaborating in the latest liquid cooling technologies to enable cutting-edge chips to run effectively, such as in the US government funded COOLERCHIPS program.

Additional Resources

Case Study: Colovore

Colovore deploys liquid cooling solution to offer customers rack capacities up to 50kW

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Video: The Evolution of Liquid Cooling

With high-density computing on the rise, liquid cooling technologies are emerging as solutions to increase data center efficiency and sustainability.

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Blog: Innovating Out Loud

Cooling Tomorrow’s Data Centers through Innovation and Collaboration NVIDIA collaborated with Vertiv™ and several industry leaders from universities, startups, and other vendors to propose a cooling system that helped NVIDIA and its partners secure a $5 million grant from the US government COOLERCHIPS program.

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Press Release: Vertiv™ Acquisition of CoolTera Ltd. Boosts Liquid Cooling Portfolio

This deal will strengthen Vertiv’s capabilities to support the deployment of AI at scale.

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Press Release: Vertiv™ Collaborates with Intel on Liquid Cooled Solution for the Intel® Gaudi®3 AI Accelerator Platform

Intel’s next generation AI accelerators will be supported by Vertiv liquid-cooled data center infrastructure solutions to help organizations accelerate AI adoption while achieving sustainability goals.

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