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Industrial sites are uncontrolled indoor environments that are protected from extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, and direct sunlight but have little to no control over temperature, humidity, or contaminants such as dust and debris that could damage IT equipment.

Common Challenges

  1. The primary power source is unstable causing critical equipment to power cycle or power down unexpectedly reducing operational effectiveness.
  2. Limited environmental control causes severe temperature, humidity, and air quality fluctuations decreasing equipment life expectancy and increasing equipment replacements costs.
  3. Poor power quality and insufficient battery backup systems can not support critical equipment during a power outage leading to unplanned downtime, data loss, and premature equipment failure.
  4. Little to no monitoring and management increases maintenance costs as technicians must be contracted to respond to service and maintenance needs.
  5. A typical location for critical IT equipment to be deployed causing significant security and access concerns to restrict unauthorized access to ensure equipment is not tampered with.

Typical Applications

Industrial sites are spaces lacking physical security where dust and debris is uncontrolled and thermal, power, and airflow management has not been integrated into the space such as:

  • Warehouse
  • Factory
  • Manufacturing Floor

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Recommended Reference Design

Solution: Contained Rack

Single floor mounted cabinet integrated with necessary hardware to support IT gear, contained to prevent mixing of conditioned air with unconditioned air.

Reference Design No. 15


Premier Commercial and Office 42U Rack 6kVA Capacity


Solution: Row

Multiple floor mounted cabinets integrated with necessary hardware to support IT equipment

Reference Design No. 16


Essential Commercial and Office 42U 3 Rack Row 20kVA Capacity


Solution: Sealed Row

Multiple floor mounted cabinets integrated with necessary hardware to support IT equipment, sealed to prevent environmental disturbances such as water, dust, or debris from entering the system

Reference Design No. 17


Enhanced Commercial and Office 42U 3 Rack Row 20kVA Capacity

Reference Design No. 18


Premier Commercial and Office 42U 3 Rack Row 20kVA Capacity


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