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The Vertiv™ Avocent® DSView Solution is built upon a secure common architecture which seamlessly integrate and scale to create an open yet resilient IT management platform – from Enterprise to Edge configurations. Avocent® DSView Solution provides the highest performance and agility, security, and enables automation, management, monitoring and control of all your devices like no other solution in the market.

Introducing Vertiv™ Avocent® DSView™ Solution

The Vertiv™ Avocent® DSView Solution to meet the dynamic market needs from Enterprise to Edge - flexible building block solution sets for a variety of changing market needs and shifts in workload.

Management Platform
Remote management, automation, security and resilience for out of band management of IT infrastructure.

Rack Manager
The Vertiv™ Avocent® Rack Manager physically connects to interface modules, or directly to service processors, rack PDUs or network equipment. It provides PoE, IP consolidation, and network address translation.

Interface modules
Interface modules connect to the Avocent® Rack Manager appliances and to the end target. They are IP based provide KVM and serial access.

Vertiv™ Avocent® DSView™ Solution

ONLY Vertiv™ Avocent® DSView Solution provides the following:

  • Common architecture with an open platform and APIs
  • Flexible and scalable deployments
  • Fastest and most feature rich KVM experience
  • Most expansive management of IT devices
  • KVM, Serial, Service Processor on a single device
  • 100+ simultaneous users
  • All digital architecture
  • Multi-level security for users and devices
  • USB-C native connectivity

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Vertiv™ Avocent® MP1000 Management Platform


Key Capabilities and Benefits
  • Manage and control IT devices
  • Centralized firmware updates to limit security risk
  • Manage Service Processors, Virtual Machines, IP KVM modules, and remote access appliances

Simplified management and control of virtual and physical infrastructure across enterprise and edge

  • Safeguard access to IT devices
  • Secure KVM and serial sessions
  • Track detailed user audit history
  • Control and restrict operations on devices

Secure and auditable access to devices for IT operators

  • Automate deployment and configuration tasks with APIs
  • Bulk updates and configurations

Improve efficiency when making changes to IT devices

Manage, control, secure, and automate IT infrastructure from a single platform


Vertiv™ Avocent® RM1048P Rack Manager
Vertiv™ Avocent® IPUHD 4K IP KVM device
Vertiv™ Avocent® IPIQ IP KVM device
Vertiv™ Avocent® IPSL IP Serial Device

IT Market is changing and so must the solutions

Today's IT

  • On premises equipment
  • Little or no remote access
  • Unable to meet growing performance demands
  • Manual IT configuration
  • Challenged with multiple management products
  • Aged technology and capability

Tomorrow's IT

  • Manage hybrid environment
  • Enable remote workplace
  • Scale systems from enterprise to edge
  • Automate data center IT management
  • Build and open standards and platforms
  • Highly secure measures
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