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Vertiv™ DCE Optimized Rack Systems

The Vertiv™ DCE Rack System is designed to meet the flexibility, ease of installation, and delivery requirements of modern data centers, and is available in pre-configured or customized builds.

Best Suited For:
  • Banking, Financial and Insurance
  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
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The Vertiv™ DCE Rack System shall be configurable as a basic four-post open rack, a cabling and distribution enclosure or a complete server enclosure. DCE Racks shall include EIA-310E standard rack-mount rails. The core systems shall be factory-assembled, ready for the installation of customer-supplied electronic equipment. All DCE basic open rack, distribution and server enclosures shall be flexible and field-upgradeable with doors, panels, UPS, power distribution and fan options.

Model Specifications Overview
Rack   24U   77% Perforated Locking Front / Rear   47.2 in   23.6 in   43.3 in   275 lbs  
  42U     78.1 in   23.6 in   43.3 in   398 lbs  
  42U     78.1 in   23.6 in   47.3 in   417 lbs  
  42U     78.1 in   27.55 in   43.3 in   429 lbs  
  42U     78.74 in   27.55 in   47.24 in   429 lbs  
  42U     78.74 in   31.49 in   43.3 in   445 lbs  
  42U     78.74 in   31.49 in   47.24 in   473 lbs  
  45U     84 in   23.6 in   43.3 in   426 lbs  
  45U     84 in   23.6 in   47.3 in   442 lbs  
  45U     84in   27.55in   43.3in   450 lbs  
  45U     84 in   27.55 in   47.24 in   466 lbs  
  45U     84 in   31.49 in   43.3 in   478 lbs  
  45U     84 in   31.49 in   47.3 in   496 lbs  
  48U     89.35 in   23.6 in   43.3 in   446 lbs  
  48U     89.35 in   23.6 in   47.3 in   462 lbs  
  48U     89.35 in   27.55 in   43.3 in   471 lbs  
  48U     89.35 in   27.55 in   47.24 in   503 lbs  
  48U     89.35 in   31.49 in   43.3 in   501 lbs  
  48U     89.35 in   31.49 in   47.3 in   534 lbs  
DCE Accessories


Removable High Density Cable Entry Top Panel allows for customized Top Panels for Cable Entry or Chimney roofs to be applied without having to change the entire rack.
Tool-less removable doors, can either be right hand or left hand hinged
Infinitely depth adjustable 19” rails
Integrated cable management features, accepts Vertiv tool-less cable management accessories, allowing for rapid Moves, Adds, and Changes
Simple integration of power, cooling and monitoring equipment
Secure & Safe:
Easy External Baying
Locking door handles
Split locking side panels for easy installation and handling
3 Hinges on doors for added rigidity
3000 lbs. static, 2500 lbs. dynamic weight load capacities
Certifications: EIA310E, UL2416, BAA/TAA, IBC2012
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership:
Order racks directly from the factory configured how you need them
Easy installation saves time and money: lift off hinges, split side panels, 19-rail adjustment, U markings on 19-rails, low profile casters, tool-less accessories
Button Mount PDU/Cable management rails allows for tool-less installation of PDU’s
Leveling feet accessible through the frame, allows for rapid leveling
Excellent value for features, durability and price
Integral part of the total data center solutions from Vertiv saves time and money on configuration and integration


Vertiv™ DCE server rack cabinets are available in 24U, 42U, 45U, 48U heights.
Widths of 600mm, 700mm or 800mm; and depths of 1100 or 1200mm.
Each rack is optimized for cable management and airflow management. 
Each rack includes: single perforated locking front door, split locking perforated rear doors,split locking side panels, Cable Entry Top Cover, two pair of EIA 19” Rails, two full height PDU
Mounting/Cable Management brackets, baying brackets and installation hardware.
Select Sizes available in Qty’s of 20 in 5 Days.
Non-Stock Standards 4-6 weeks
Standard Color RAL 7021(Black), RAL 7035 available  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the DCE come with?
The DCE is available in 24U, 42U, 45U, and 48U heights. Widths of 600mm, 700mm, or 800mm and Depths of 1100mm and 1200mm. Each rack includes: single perforated front door, Split perforated rear doors, Locking handles front and rear, 2 pairs split side panels, Cable entry top cover, 2 sets of 19" EIA Rails, 2 Full height rack PDU Mounting / Cable management brackets, casters and leveling feet, Baying brackets, along with Installation Hardware package.
Can the DCE have different locks?
No, the doors and side panels cannot be keyed differently. But there is a combination Lock handles available for the front and rear doors.
Is the DCE available in white (RAL7035)?
Yes, Along with our standard RAL721 Black.
Can the DCE be bayed (Clustered) with the side panels on?
Are the doors reversible?
Yes, the doors can either be right hand or left hand hinged. They come from the factory Right hand hinged.
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