Infrastructure Configuration Guide for Healthcare Network Closets

May 05, 2020

The arrival of new trends, such as data growth, mergers and acquisitions, expansions and new construction, among others, are forcing many healthcare organizations to upgrade the infrastructure within existing closets and consider more robust technologies for new closet designs.

Healthcare network closet infrastructure must not only be designed for the specific equipment and applications being supported but to other factors as well, such as local power quality, the size of the space, regulatory requirements, and available maintenance resources.

Download this whitepaper to understand the following considerations when updating or designing network closet infrastructure:

  • Ensuring power continuity
  • Distributing and monitoring power within the closet
  • Organizing and protecting closet systems
  • Ensuring airflow and preventing excessive heat
  • Monitoring and managing network closets
  • Servicing and maintaining network closets
  • Simplifying purchasing and deployment
Download the White Paper

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