Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX MP1000 Liberates IT and Infrastructure Teams by Virtualizing Management Capabilities

The theme of data center management today is liberation: from onsite management processes, costly and limiting hardware, and reliability issues. Data center managers and critical infrastructure directors are increasingly using virtualization to reduce their dependence on hardware. These leaders want to reduce their data center footprint; virtualize infrastructure tools; and take full advantage of cloud capabilities, such as ultra-fast provisioning and the ability to scale instantly.

At the same time, data center and IT teams are facing increased complexity. They’re presiding over sprawling core-to-edge networks, thanks to growing customer appetite for digital products and services and the enablement of remote workforces. Edge sites are often located far away from data center and IT teams but must provide high availability to support customers and employees. As a result, teams need to increase their visibility into their infrastructure and seamlessly manage virtual devices wherever they are.

It is against that industry backdrop that Vertiv announces the release of Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance. The Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance extends the popular Vertiv Avocent ADX Platform, liberating users from physical device management with virtualized management capabilities. Teams at cloud and IT companies; content delivery organizations, providers, and networks; finance firms; labs; and the media can use the Vertiv Avocent ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance to:

  • Pursue software-first strategies: There will always be a market for data centers. In fact, this market has enjoyed heady growth due to the fast pace of digital transformation. However, even cloud and colocation providers are pursuing software-first strategies to increase business flexibility and speed of deployment. All users benefit by gaining high availability of resources, strengthening business continuity and disaster recovery, and minimizing their dependence on physical devices that need to be replaced at end of life.

    The Vertiv Avocent ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance supports software-first strategies by enabling Vertiv Avocent ADX Platform users to manage all their virtualized resources, wherever they are located.

  • Extend virtualization gains: Companies have already virtualized applications, desktops, networks, servers, and storage. Now that so many data center and IT teams are working remotely, these professionals would like to virtualize management tools as well, benefitting from tools that can easily be migrated to any server and provide economies of scale.

    Teams can use the Vertiv Avocent ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance to centralize management of their entire virtualized infrastructure. Hundreds of simultaneous users can securely access this IT remote management software to monitor virtual machines and centralize firmware updates.

  • Improve visibility and control: With virtualization, teams use automated processes to monitor, manage, upgrade, power up and down, scale, and replicate resources, improving their control.

Vertiv Avocent ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance enables teams to control where, when, and how new resources are deployed and improve management processes. They also can use automation to push out upgrades, reducing the gaps that cause security risks. As a result, they can continuously improve infrastructure quality.

  • Increase business resilience: Virtualization detethers capabilities from hardware. Teams can use Vertiv Avocent ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance to rapidly stand up new resources when business needs arise and replicate resources to a secondary site, for improved business continuity and disaster recovery. Teams can also move Vertiv Avocent ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance to a new server in another part of the network, ensuring continuity of management processes in the event an issue occurs.

  • Improve scaling: Hardware is hard, costly, and time-consuming to scale. Organizations are boxed into technical specifications, memory, processing power, and disk space. Using a plug-and-play virtual appliance enables teams to easily and rapidly deploy resources and extend their footprint wherever new capabilities are needed.

    Teams that use Vertiv Avocent ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance can support their organizations’ desire to enable faster business growth and respond to demand spikes. They can also seamlessly decommission resources when they are no longer needed.

  • Reduce total cost of ownership: By using software instead of hardware, teams can reduce both CapEx and OpEx costs, saving on the power, space, network and technology costs involved with managing hardware. Organizations also save on talent costs since fewer people are needed onsite to run data centers and wire and manage physical devices.

Vertiv Avocent ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance enables teams to virtually scale their footprint and resources. The more teams use virtualization capabilities, the greater their savings.


Get Ready to Scale with Vertiv

Vertiv is committed to evolving its Vertiv Avocent ADX Platform to meet enterprise requirements and ensure that it is deployable in new ways, across edge and hybrid environments. The release of the Vertiv Avocent ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance is evidence of that commitment.

By using the Vertiv Avocent ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance, you can liberate your data centers and people by automating key processes and extending virtualization further and faster to support business growth.

Learn more about the Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX MP1000 Virtual Appliance today.

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