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The page you're viewing is for English (EMEA) region.

Lithium-Ion Technology

Trust Lithium-ion for smarter, safer and long-lasting backup power.

Lithium-Ion UPS battery backup systems are designed to provide twice the life expectancy of traditional VRLA batteries. Through fewer battery replacements, ability to withstand higher temperatures, and quick recharge cycles, these systems are ideal for protecting your critical infrastructure in edge or distributed IT environments.

The Lithium-Ion Battery Backup for Rack Applications

Vertiv Edge Lithium-Ion UPS

  • Line interactive UPS technology
  • 1500, 2200, 3000 VA models available
Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT5 Lithium-Ion UPS 1000 - 3000 VA

The Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT5 Lithium-Ion

  • Double-conversion online UPS
  • 1000, 15000, 2000, 3000 VA models available

What is a Lithium-Ion Battery Backup UPS?

Uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, is a device that provides power backup to IT equipment when power completely fails or drops low enough. Some types of uninterruptible power supply provide just enough time for a computer to save what the user is doing and power down while some can provide electricity for over an hour.

Traditional UPS are manufactured with lead-acid (or VRLA) batteries. Lithium-Ion battery technology has only been around since the 1980’s. It has only been in the past two decades that the technology has been applied to uninterruptible power supply. Luckily the technology has improved enough to allow smaller businesses and IT solutions organizations to implement in everyday applications.

Industries Using Lithium-ion UPS


Retail Edge deployments are an ideal fit for Lithium-Ion UPS technology. Many large retailers are incorporating these systems into individual store locations across the country where they have increased digital needs and require reliable backup in case of an outage, and don’t have to support the maintenance that is required with traditional VRLA systems.

  • Remote retail sites
  • Warehouses and distribution

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With the increased requirements of education to rely on technology for remote learning, schools need to ensure their systems stay up and running. Many schools are seeing the benefit of lithium-ion UPS systems in their deployments due to the total cost of ownership and reduction of maintenance with each unit.

  • Schools
  • Higher Education


Manufacturing floors are continuing to further advance their technologies, and the IT to support the production lines needs to be close to the equipment it is supporting. Oftentimes, this results in IT infrastructure being put in places that weren’t traditionally designed for it. Manufacturers are continuing to adopt Lithium-ion UPS systems because they can withstand higher temperatures with less degradation of the battery.

  • Manufacturing floors
  • IT rooms at a manufacturer


From hospitals to local and remote offices, healthcare IT teams are being asked to support more demand than ever on their networks. The industry is turning to lithium-ion UPS systems to support the need for added runtime, reduction of maintenance, and overall efficiencies.

  • Private offices
  • Hospital IT rooms

Lithium-Ion Battery Backup UPS Advantages


Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Taking into consideration the initial investment of a VRLA system in addition to the battery replacements and services that aren’t needed with lithium-ion UPS, you are able to reduce the total cost of ownership of your UPS system by 50%.


Longer Life and Runtime

The life expectancy of a Lithium-Ion UPS is 8-10 years, which is up to 3 times longer than comparable VRLA systems. When the Lithium-ion battery needs a recharge, it can be completed in around three hours at 90%.


Heat Resiliency

In instances where your racks are exposed to higher temperatures, such as manufacturing floors, lithium-ion batteries are a great option. These UPS systems can withstand higher temperatures with less degradation compared to VRLA batteries.



For a much better performance, lithium-ion batteries are 40% to 60% lighter than VRLA counterparts. On top of being lighter, they are 40% smaller too. This makes lithium painless to install, easier to maintain, and significantly more flexible. Also, while typical lead acid batteries take 3-6 hours to charge to 90% full runtime capacity, lithium-ion requires less than 2 hours.


Interested in learning more?

To learn more about the the advantages of using lithium-ion batteries as a backup power source download our white paper.

Calculate How Much Lithium-Ion Will Save You

Utilize our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator to uncover your savings.


In the example below, you would see the following savings when purchasing a Lithium-Ion UPS.

65% Savings versus VRLA

1500VA over 10 years
Standard UPS purchase of 770€
2 Battery replacements
Estimated Cost per Battery of 170€
Estimated Cost per Battery Replacement of 200€

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The Vertiv Edge Lithium-Ion UPS is backed with a 5 year standard warranty on the UPS and the battery.



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