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The page you're viewing is for English (ASIA) region.


The Isaac Regional Council was formed on March 15, 2008. Its role is to provide facilities throughout the region in an effective and efficient manner and encourage strategic and sustainable development of the area for the benefit of all citizens. The Isaac Regional Council currently serves 19 small towns and communities spread over 58,870.2 km2. These communities are supported by 300 IT users/ council staff who manage services for just over 22,000 customers.


  • Downtime resulting from system outages has dropped by around 40% with fewer power interruptions, and a far more stable provision of services to both internal and external customers
Case Summary


Critical Needs:

The Council’s current data center was no longer suitable to handle the customer’s increasing capacity demands. It wanted to transfer its critical IT equipment into a more secure facility, and thus the Council opted to have a standalone modular data center instead which could be deployable in a short period of time and would be situated within the Council’s head office located in a secure facility. The Council turned to Vertiv for a complete modular data center solution.

Vertiv Solution:
  • Liebert® ITA
  • Knürr E-Series Racks
  • Liebert® CRV 35 kW
  • TVSS
  • Trellis Express
  • PDU
  • Generators
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