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Vertiv™ Power Insight v2.4 Provides VMware vCenter Plugin to Streamline Power Management and Availability

vCenter Plugin Makes it Easier to Manage UPSs and rPDUs at Your Data Centers and Edge Sites

Virtualization is everywhere. By the end of 2021, 97 percent of all organizations will use virtualized servers, drawn by the technology’s ability to help protect and grow digital businesses. Enterprises cite high availability (73 percent), replication (69 percent), load balancing and failover clustering (each 63 percent), and live migration (60 percent) as among their top five reasons in adopting virtualization.

Vertiv™ Power Insight v2.4 Now Integrates with VMware vCenter

Although market solutions abound, VMware is the market leader in virtualization. The company captures 79 percent of enterprise business and 63 percent of the mid-sized market with its VMware VSphere solution.

Vertiv is pleased to announce that the latest version of Vertiv™ Power Insight will directly integrate with the VMware vCenter Management Platform. Vertiv Power Insight is a web-based uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and rack power distribution unit (rPDU) monitoring and management platform that helps organizations keep compute resources up and running, meeting their goals for high availability and application performance.

While Vertiv Power Insight v2.3 supports VMware VSphere 6.5 and before, Vertiv Power Insight v2.4 is the first version to provide single pane-of-glass management capabilities in vCenter. IT administrators can now manage Vertiv UPSs and rPDUs directly from their vCenter application or Vertiv Power Insight software, providing them with simplicity, flexibility and choice.

Improve Visibility and Availability Through Integrated Power Monitoring, Management and Control

So, what does this mean for you? As the industry evolves, IT teams at enterprises and small and medium-sized data centers are harnessing software that streamlines the management of distributed infrastructures. That’s important because IT teams at banks, retailers, education institutions and government agencies are experiencing fast-paced change and growth. They are managing sprawling corporate and branch office networks, provisioning network and server closets, and deploying other types of edge sites to deliver a better user experience. As a result, your IT team is managing more IT and power equipment and overseeing a growing number of mission-critical applications.

With Vertiv Power Insight v2.4, you gain the following benefits:

  • Work more efficiently: With a single pane of glass, there is no need to log in and out of different applications and management systems to manage power devices or re-enter device data. If you are working in either the Vertiv Power Insight v2.4 console or VMware vCenter, you’ll have visibility into all local power systems and information, simplifying your monitoring and management processes.

  • Enable automatic or manual failover: Power issue? It’s not a problem. You can pre-configure Vertiv Power Insight v2.4 and the Vertiv Power Insight vCenter plugin to trigger certain actions based on UPS and rPDU conditions and alarms, using resource information that is already in the system. This way, virtual servers can be automatically migrated to other physical servers using core VMware logic if a power issue develops. Similarly, you can easily manually move virtual machines for planned maintenance or migrations, without needing to recreate dynamic resources, program the plugin or configure specific machines.

    Automatic failover could be to another machine, location or geography, improving your business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) capabilities. As a result, you’ll be able to deliver the high availability your business requires every day. For organizations in education and government, that means continuing essential service delivery; for healthcare organizations, delivering critical patient care; and for retailers, avoiding loss of customer revenues.

  • Ensure optimal performance: With centralized visibility into and control over the Vertiv UPSs and rPDUs, it’s simpler to make changes that improve power management at your sites. Vertiv Power Insight v2.4 provides monitoring, configuration, control, alerts, event logs and safe shutdown capabilities. In addition, the dashboard provides key data points, such as load percentage of capacity, output current, input voltage, battery percentage charge and battery runtime remaining. You can use this information to proactively optimize systems and processes over time.

  • Scale with device growth: Vertiv Power Insight v2.4 flexibly supports up to 100 UPSs and rPDUS from a single console, enabling you to track and manage your growing device footprint. As you deploy new compute resources and power equipment across locations, Power Insight v2.4 will support you.

  • Safely shut down devices: Effective power management protects valuable IT equipment. In addition, Vertiv Power Insight v2.4 enables you to execute controlled server shutdowns if a critical event occurs. You’ll be able to prevent equipment damage as well as the business interruptions they cause.


IT teams rely on VMware VSphere to implement and scale server virtualization. Now, Vertiv Power Insight v2.4 helps you use centralized visibility and processes within VMware vCenter to improve power management at your small or medium-sized data centers and edge sites. Improve your visibility, streamline processes and deliver the high availability and BC/DR your business requires.

Learn more about Vertiv Power Insight v2.4 and its new VMware vCenter plugin today!

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