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The page you're viewing is for English (ASIA) region.

The ABCDs of Data Center Operational Resilience

As the world continues to hunker down and ride out the pandemic in their respective homes, businesses and consumers alike are in a state of uncertainty, waiting to see how the situation will unfold in the next couple of weeks and months. We are currently living in what undoubtedly feels like the world’s largest social experiment where many people are required to work remotely.

This new normal has forced many businesses to rethink their strategies by focusing their attention on digital transformation amid the sudden surge in online transactions. Across a variety of sectors — from banks to food services to healthcare — digital demand is on the rise.

Those who have already adopted digitization in their business strategies are able to play on their strengths and get ahead, while those in the early stages of adoption are suddenly ramping up their IT investments. Recognizing the role IT plays in operational resilience is an important step to ensuring continuity amid the current, unpredictable scenario.

Data centers, which play a critical role in ensuring business continuity during high demand for digital services, must also be operationally resilient, which is why we’ve broken down the following tips into simple ABCDs:

A – Accelerate productivity by upgrading to the latest solutions and technologies for critical asset management that reduce the need for manual or in-person manipulation of IT equipment.  In addition, many of these solutions allow you to regularly perform comprehensive data analysis to optimize data center performance.

B – Build operational flexibility by cross-training staff to support critical data center operations and by sourcing vendors with a strong global presence that ensures service continuity in times of crises.

C – Create scalable infrastructures by increasing the use of cloud services or prefabricated modular solutions. Prefabricated modular (PFM) data centers are a good way to expand data center capacity through turnkey solutions that provide consistency and scalability.

D – Demand visibility on key metrics through centralized management and monitoring. Access to real-time information on data center performance is a must during a crisis, as it is essential to timely identification and resolution of infrastructure issues that can affect availability.

Having the right tools and partner is critical to ensuring that your business is able to emerge from any crisis better and stronger.  I invite you to visit our page on data center continuity to find out more or reach out to us if you have any urgent needs.

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