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Is Your Data Center Ready for Business Continuity Planning?

Wesley Lim •

In any organization, having a business continuity plan (BCP) is a strategic part of operations. BCP is the process of creating a system of prevention and recovery against potential threats to a company. These threats can come in the form of disasters (natural or man-made), terror attacks, or any other types of disruption that can adversely affect the overall business.

Data centers, which are increasingly becoming a critical part of many organizations, should be part of your BCP. As we know, any minute of downtime in a data center can cost you thousands of dollars in losses. Ensuring data center continuity in the event of any disruption is imperative.

BCP doesn’t mean planning only for major disasters such as earthquakes or typhoons. It also entails planning for smaller, disruptive events that can be as damaging and are far more likely to occur. In today's situation, many organizations have already activated their respective BCPs, including having personnel work remotely.

While working remotely is not a new concept, for IT managers and data center operators, this can be a challenge, particularly in managing multiple edge sites or branch locations having smaller computer rooms. Having the right tools and solutions can make a huge difference in your data center BCP, ensuring the safety of your personnel while also managing critical infrastructure assets to ensure continuity of business operations.

Intelligent monitoring and management solutions can greatly support your data center BCP initiatives. These include:

  • Secure and persistent access to data center infrastructure monitoring tools
  • Out-of-band management for rapid troubleshooting and BIOS re-boot when the primary network or storage is down
  • Server management with IP-based KVM for centralized control of remote server assets
  • Intuitive software with a low learning curve and easy-to-understand dashboard

Vertiv’s Avocent understands the challenges today’s organizations are facing and have been offering solutions for years to enable IT personnel to work offsite with minimal disruptions to their usual workflow. I urge you to browse through our Avocent portfolio and reach out to us on how we can support your BCP strategy.

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