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The page you're viewing is for Korean (Korea) region.

What are the main benefits of choosing Vertiv Custom Air Handling Units (AHU) versus Standard Thermal?

Offering a solution to meet unique customer specifications rather than a standard product portfolio which does not lend to customization in the following typical customer design levers:

  • Control Flexibility – Vertiv iCOM™ with or without Teamwork™ or customer preferred controls system can be mounted on any Vertiv Custom AHU solution.
  • Air Flow – Vertiv Custom AHU is the solution specifically for outdoor airflow requirements and most cooling technologies including DX, Evap tech (Direct & Indirect), CW, and Economization to meet the site air flow capacity requirements, 2K CFM < Air Flow < 150K CFM.
  • Component Flexibility – sourcing selection and availability to optimize design to specification requirements, including internal manufacturing capability.
  • Pre-existing envelope size requirements – designed to fit a particular interface or size restriction.
  • Power – electrical system designs our solution to meet site requirements

What are typical design inputs needed for a Vertiv Custom Air Handling Units (AHU)?

For a successful custom specification Basis of Design, sales relationship is the key to understanding the bespoke customer requirements. The sales team works with application engineering throughout the initial project information stage to optimize internal drivers, (quality, delivery, cost) with program specifications. Typical initial basic design inputs for Vertiv Custom AHU would be:

  • defined thermal technology
  • ambient & design
  • equipment and data center footprint
  • geographic location and conditions
  • airflow
  • thermal load


Is Vertiv Custom Air Handling Units (AHU) more expensive?

In many cases a Custom solution lowers the total installed costs to the end customer based on design features that are typically installed on site that have been included in the unit construction.

A custom solution will be offered with attributes to meet a customer specification that will also have a target price unique to that program.  The Custom AHU $/cfm’s may be higher than a Standard AHU $/cfm pricing structure due to the expanded attribute value of the Vertiv Custom AHU solution.

Is Vertiv Custom Air Handling Units (AHU) longer delivery?

The total project engagement is a function of the customer input required to design a custom solution. Our design engineers work hand in hand with the customer design team to deliver a bespoke solution based on unique climate, physical, thermal and control parameters. 

Once designed, standard components are included in the BOM as much as requirements allow; however, our component flexibility and sourcing options are utilized to optimize the delivery times.

Does Vertiv Custom Air Handling Units (AHU) have more cooling options?

Vertiv Custom AHU allows the specifications to dictate the cooling technology, if the solution will meet customer quality, delivery, and cost targets within the LOB business parameters, including Direct Exchange (DX), Evaporative technology (Direct & Indirect), Chilled Water (CW), and Economization to meet the site requirements in air flows 2K CFM < Air Flow < 150K CFM.

Does Vertiv Custom Air Handling Units (AHU) carry standard/certifications?

Basic AHU certifications include, but Vertiv Custom AHU can also review customer specific requirements.

  • AHRI
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